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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Last Five Books: Riders, You Were Here & more!

Alright, so this didn't go up "the next day" as promised in my most recent TBR, but hey, better late than never! Besides, it was preempted by something pretty neato!
Anyway, here are my thoughts on my most recent batch of reads in this, the latest The Last Five!
Also, I forgot to mention that SALT TO THE SEA was in this stack, but I did a review on it, so if you missed it, you can check that out here!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for Graphic Novel Week!

You Were Here | Cori McCarthy
Wet Cement | Bob Raczka
Chasers of the Light | Tyler Knott Gregson
Salt to the Sea | Ruta Sepetys
Riders | Veronica Rossi
and a whole bunch of graphic novels -- but more on those soon!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video.


  1. I was curious about the Veronica Rossi. Good to know that I might not immediately connect with it if I pick it up.

    Not a big poetry fan, but that concrete poetry would be great for the younger crowd.

    Look forward to your graphic novels week.

    1. It hurts my heart a little bit when people say they don't like poetry. I think love of poetry is beaten out of us in schools, killed dead with some really bad, REALLY rhymey dreck. But there is some great stuff out there!


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