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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Girl Who Chased the Moon | Book Spine Poetry (2)

Time for more Book Spine Poetry!

This one actually took me a bit, 'cause it wasn't what I'd intended to do. I had 2 separate bsp piles running through my head, and when I went to pull the books for them, I realized I was missing a key book for each, because they've been loaned out to friends (and strangely enough, they're both by Kendare Blake. They've taken all my Kendares!). So I'll have to do those later...

Instead, I had to kind of change tacks and go in a new direction, and I ended up with a 'poem' that's short and sweet and a little full of whimsy. Maybe it's because Bonnie and I are in the pre-planning stages for the 4th Fairy Tale Fortnight, I dunno, but this one has a definite fairy tale feel to me...

Check it out, and if you're inspired to do your own book spine poetry, tweet me a link or tag me in it on instagram!

The Girl Who Chased the Moon 
I shall wear midnight.
A blue so dark, so silver bright -
Strands of bronze & gold, brightly woven,
Fairest of them all...

The books: The Girl Who Chased the Moon / I Shall Wear Midnight / A Blue So Dark / So Silver Bright / Strands of Bronze and Gold / Brightly Woven / Fairest of Them All


  1. Love this, very creative! I did some book title poetry a while back but it didn't turn out as good as this. You've inspired me to have another go.

  2. Misty, check out my poem! It's written in English, I promise. = )

  3. I love that you do book spine poetry. I only ever thing to do it when I see a challenge during readathons. You make them look easy!

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