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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BOOK HAUL: January 2014!

So, I definitely had to stare at the "title" section for a minute, 'cause I kept wanting to put January 2013.. HOW is it 2014 already?

Anyway, here are the awesome, exciting new books that made their way to my shelves this month. They've been building up into a nice little stack, so since the shiny new computer came in, I thought I'd make use of it! (Which, if you watched my Stack of Five, you'll already know! =D )
Let me know what you think in the comments, and of course, thanks for watching!

Pride & Prejudice scarf (ok, not a book, BUT STILL) from Her Awesomeness, Ksenia
My Last Kiss | Bethany Neal
The Truth About Alice | Jennifer Mathieu
One Man Guy | Michael Barakiva
The Undertaking of Lily Chen | Danica Novgorodoff
Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy | Karen Foxlee
Stolen Songbird | Danielle L. Jensen
Angelfall | Susan Ee
All Unquiet Things | Anna Jarzab
Rose and Bones | Francesca Lia Block
Wildwood | Colin Meloy
Brimstone | Rosemary Clement-Moore


  1. Congrats on the new laptop! Looks like its going to work out for you. Living just up the road from you and sitting here in my two layered wife beater combo near the fireplace makes us both look like crazies since I think its like three degrees. Love working for a school and getting a snow day with the kiddoes! LOL!

    I was never a big Contemporary fan either until last year, but those books sound good. I've got One Man Guy for review too though mine is eARC.

    I also have a copy of Angellfall and haven't gotten to it yet.

    Very nice haul!

  2. I mean... I'm not packing up all my comfy summer clothes, Michigan. NOT HAPPENING. My house is warm, I know how to layer... lol! =D

  3. My Last Kiss kind of sounds like Christopher's Pike. Love it! Also, that scarf is ADORABLE. I want haha And great books as usual :) Happy reading!


  4. That scarf is AMAZING! What a great gift!! Oh, I picked up MY LAST KISS this weekend!I feel like it will be a little like BEFORE I FALL. Another book, LIV, FOREVER, also sounds like it will fall into this camp! Yesss, I have a lot of contemporary to read atm, too. It's definitely a big contemporary year! I have a couple of contemporaries from Macmillan, too: LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD, SHE IS NOT INVISIBLE, and BROKEN HEARTS, FENCES, and OTHER THINGS TO MEND. Ooh, that cover for THE UNDERTAKING OF LILY CHEN is gorgeous!!! I just picked up/bought my first graphic novels this weekend--BOXERS AND SAINTS from Macmillan! Oh, yes, OPHELIA came out today! I'm really excited to read it, too! Snow Queen, yessss! And STOLEN SONGBIRD, I'm really excited for this, too, as you know! <3 I thought you were buying yourself an e-ink reader recently!!!! *tsks you* Yes, I love when good covers are created from indies and self-pubs. People are trying harder now, I think!! I hate when I spilled things on my books--especially when they're brand-new!!!

  5. That scarf is amazing and so is Ksenia for giving it to you! Now all you need is the Jane Austen action figure. Yes, it is real and it exists at Middle Earth in Ann Arbor along w/Jane Austen Band-aids. I hope you live close enough to go so I didn't just tease you about that. ;) Hope you enjoy MY LAST KISS!!!

    1. I SO have the Jane action figure! I take her with me when I go out of town, and I instagram her travels... =D I don't have the Jane bandaids, but I do want to get the temporary tattoos... (And yes, I live about 25 mins. from A2) ^_^


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