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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Chat: BEST OF 2013!

Everyone's been asking for this, so here you go: these are my absolute faves of 2013!
I'm not sure why there are random blackouts at the end - I guess these books were just too awesome for the my computer to handle... (And speaking of, did I mention I ordered a new computer, 'cause...totally did. THANK GLOB.)
Anyway, links to all the books, and my review if there is one, can be found below.
Let me know what you think, and what some of YOUR favorite books were last year, in the comments!
Thanks for watching!!

Godmother | Carolyn Turgeon [review]

Strands of Bronze & Gold | Jane Nickerson [review]

Austensibly Ordinary | Alyssa Goodnight [review]

Across a Star-Swept Sea | Diana Peterfreund - review to come!

Fractured | Teri Terry [review]

Sekret | Lindsay Smith [review]

Lips Touch: Three Times | Laini Taylor [review]

Liar's Moon | Elizabeth C. Bunce - review to come!

Antigoddess | Kendare Blake [review]

The Real Boy | Anne Ursu [review]

The Princess Curse | Merrie Haskell [review]

Siege | Sarah Mussi [review]

The Winner's Curse | Marie Rutkoski - review coming in February!

Cress | Marissa Meyer - review to come VERY soon! =D

1 comment:

  1. I loved seeing what you had on your list and why it was there. I had to laugh about Siege. I've had a few of those that are just stupendous, but are such wrenching story that I felt guilty passing them along. I just got the invitation to review Winner's Curse so I'm glad its super good and Cress... yeah, can't wait.

    Thanks for sharing!


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