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Monday, November 11, 2013

There's Always a Siren Singing You to Shipwreck... | Book Spine Poetry (1)

I don't know about you, but I kinda love book-spine poetry. If you're unfamiliar with BSP, basically you string together the titles of books to make sentences, all abstract and poetic-like. It's fun, a little silly, and a great way to go through your shelves and get creative with any books you have sitting around.

As I've got a lot of books on my shelves, the poetic possibilities are endless, so I post these to instagram occasionally - but I thought I really should be sharing them with you. So here's the latest: a maudlin little piece about drowned peoples and sirens lost at sea, inspired by the insane amoutn of water books on my shelves...

There's Always a Siren Singing You to Shipwreck...
We the drowned, The Unidentified, Revived The Drowned Cities.
A Drowned Maidens Hair, Strands of Bronze and Gold...
Breathe, Siren, Girl at Sea.
Between the Sea and Sky, When the Sea is Rising Red, Ruby Red...
Across A Star-Swept Sea,
The Dead-Tossed Waves,
The Vicious Deep;
The Space Between - Fathomless.

Super fun, right? Do you guys ever make book-spine poetry? If you do, drop me a link or tag me on instagram (@bookishmisty), or tweet me a pic @TheBookRat! I'd love to see what your brains and your shelves have to offer! ;)

The books:
We the Drowned / The Unidentified / Revived / The Drowned Cities / A Drowned Maidens Hair / Strands of Bronze and Gold / Siren / Girl at Sea / Breathe / Between the Sea and Sky / When the Sea is Rising Red / Ruby Red / Across A Star-Swept Sea / The Dead-Tossed Waves / The Vicious Deep / The Space Between  / Fathomless


  1. Ooh too cool! I'll try that at some point, although I need to add more books to my collection before that :p

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. Work in library books! Or make a stack at a store. =D

  2. I love this Misty! I'll see if I can do this some day, but very, very cool! Never seen this before!


  3. I am inspired! I want to do this! :D C'mon, bookshelf, what magic can we make?

    1. ^_^ I hope you do, they're really neat and I love seeing what people come up with!

  4. I like BSP very, very much! I've made some, a coish isn't my first language so I think that sharing them wouldn't be that great, since only who speaks my language could understand them :)

    Anyway, it was great to read spine-poem by you, it is a nice composition, indeed :)


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