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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holiday Book Buying Guide, pt 2: The glorious, glorious BARGAIN BIN

Cyber-browsing is incredibly therapeutic, wouldn't you agree? I can browse and browse to my hearts content, all while in my PJs, and I can impulse-add everything to my cart, and then just make myself close the page and let go. Of course, it helps when I have a "reason" to spend 3 hours browsing a bargain bin, and today, that reason is YOU.

For part 2 of my Holiday Book Buying Guide, I'm giving you all the best the Amazon bargain bin has to offer. Dozens upon dozens of books, sorted into < $5 paperbacks and < $10 hardcovers. Hell, some of these hardcovers are even less than $5, and if you happen to have Prime*... Holiday shopping, done. (Or, you know, bulk out your own shelves — this is a judgement-free zone. ;P)

Click through to get a jump start on your Xmas list - but take note: some of these bargain books had very few copies left, so if you want it, get it while you can! If the price goes above $5/$10, someone beat you to it!

*If you don't have Prime, seriously, sign up for the free trial and get all your presents shipped — to you OR to the giftee — for free. Not trying to be a big Amazon pusher, or anything, but Prime saved my wallet last Xmas.

Misty's Picks: There are a lot of great ones (and so cheap!) in this category, but I'd undoubtedly snatch up anything by Gabrielle Zevin (I am a hardcore fangirl for the first book in the stack, All These Things I've Done), as well as Immortal Beloved (always buy Cate Tiernan. Always.), The Vicious Deep and the Morganville Vampires books. But so many books to choose from! [Oh, and sidenote? The 2nd book, The Lying Game? Totally a hardcover. I threw it in w/ the PBs so no one would miss the fact that it's two dollars omg]

Misty's Picks: Personally, I think a beautiful shiny hardcover is the way to go when gifting, and you can't beat an under $10 gift, so I could go a little crazy in this category. But my must haves are: The Diviners, The Duff and anything by A.S. King, plus some of the cover appeal books I had to have on my shelves, like Shine, Slide and The Faerie Ring. I haven't read them, but I've heard great things about them. Oh, and What Happens Next and Me, Earl and the Dying Girl are on my own to-get list, so probably can't go wrong with those, either. ;)

So, anything calling your name, or just perfect for someone on your list? Or are there any you'd definitely recommend? I'd love to hear about your faves in the comments! 

Please note, when you buy through one of these links, I do receive a few pennies from Amazon, at no cost to you. This money goes directly back into the blog, but if this thought makes you uncomfortable and you want Amazon to have all teh monies!, feel free to just type the title into Amazon. I won't be mad atcha.


  1. I would love to get Cinder for Christmas... the beautiful hardback edition is preferred. Books = yay.

    1. I need to pick up a paperback copy of Cinder, 'cause my name (or blog name, anyway) is in it! Really should have picked it up by now... lol

  2. Holy Cow! You hit it big. I'm scrambling for my sister in law's book wish now. Thanks!

  3. Okay picked up 5 books for $28 bucks 4 hardbacks! Thanks so much for this!!! Greedily, they are for me, but I'll give them away eventually!



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