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Thursday, November 7, 2013

OCTOBER REWIND | Mini-review vlog of my October reads!

It was a strange month for reading, kids, so this one is a mixed bag.. but here's what I thought of my October reads!
Thanks for watching, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Cress (glorious, glorious Cress) | Marissa Meyer
Demonglass  | Rachel Hawkins (full vlog coming soon!)
Unbreakable | Kami Garcia
Texas Gothic | Rosemary Clement-Moore (full vlog coming soon!)
The Girl Who Flew Over Fairyland & Cut the Moon in Two | Catherynne M. Valente
Sorrow's Knot |  Erin Bow
Highlander Most Wanted | Maya Banks
Mr. Darcy's Undoing | Abigail Reynolds


  1. I laughed so hard about the random choice and about having to try three times to get a new one b/c the titles were changed. I had a huge stack of books for review and on three occasions I just had to go and choose what I call my 'out of the blue' sci-fi fixations- but hey, highlanders will work for this too. Abigail Reynolds' books I finally had to make up a list so I'd know what was really a book I hadn't read and what was just a new title.

    I love Lunar Chronicles and I am sooooo pleased that Cress was devouringly good. Thanks for sharing, Misty!

  2. It's ridiculous! I love Abigail Reynolds, but her titles confuse the heck out of me! lol
    And what is it about highlanders that can shake you out of a funk? Kilts, maybe? ;)


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