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Sunday, October 6, 2013

SEPTEMBER REWIND ~ mini-reviews of all my September reads!

Here's what I thought of what I managed to get through in September - there were some odd ones in this batch, kinda on the fence about this month...
Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for watching!

Born Wicked | Jessica Spotswood
The Real Boy | Anne Ursu
The Chaos of Stars | Kiersten White
Across a Star-Swept Sea | Diana Peterfreund
Captive | A.D. Robertson (aka Andrea Cremer)

Born Wicked review
The Real Boy review
The Real Boy giveaway
The Chaos of Stars review
Nightshade | Andrea Cremer
Sorrow's Knot |  Erin Bow
October TBR


  1. I have to laugh about the determined mad scramble to finish the rest and getting none of them done. I get that way some times too. I wouldn't have realized about Captive so I appreciate learning about the connection to the other series.
    I am happy to say that I managed to just read all the ones in my planned to read TBR pile.

    Glad so many were hits!

    1. It's not even that it was a mad scramble because I wanted to finish (though I have been there). It's more that they ALL sounded good, and I wanted to simultaneously be reading ALL of them, and so I ended up reading NONE of them! lol!

    2. I guess all of them sounding good can be a problem too, but better than nothing sounding good. ;D


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