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Saturday, October 12, 2013

BOOK HAUL: October 12, 2013

Books! Glorious, glorious books!
[Book haul time... =D ]

Captive | A.D. Robertson (aka Andrea Cremer)
"Amelia Webster" folio from Alexa Adams
Holidays at Pemberley | Alexa Adams
Tin Star | Cecil Castelluci
Cress | Marissa Meyer
Sekret | Lindsay Smith
The Journeys of John and Julia | Aurelia
How Not to Be a Dick | Meghan Doherty


  1. Excellent haul! I got all three Macmillan books as well. I've had Cress since ALA and am hoping to get to it next month.

  2. I can't imagine figuring out what to grab first in that pile. You mentioned several that I felt were drool-worthy. But Cress...yes that would be a toughy not to scarf right away.

  3. Great stack of books this week. Shiny mailers are always fun! I love Zest books and have bought many of them for my library. I really enjoyed First Day on Earth. Happy Reading!

  4. So excited to be included - especially Amelia! I'm so glad you like your little book, and I hope Holidays at Pemberley is to your satisfaction, too!

  5. A really tough choice -- what to devour first?


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