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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Face Off: Glow & Spark

This week's Face Off is kind of an interesting one, because there's not a lot of consistency across the covers of Amy Kathleen Ryan's Sky Chasers series. In the first row, we have the original US versions - and to be honest, I'm not sure that the cover shown for Spark every actually made it onto a copy - setting aside the fact that it looks like it says "Spork," the series changed art directions pretty early on.
Which leads us to row 2, where we have the current US design for the series (and it's assumedly one that will continue on, though the cover for the 3rd installment hasn't been revealed yet, so...). Below that, the version of Glow, which for some reason reminds me a lot of Beth Revis' Across the Universe - which itself has undergone numerous reworkings. Though the tagline kills me, I am sorta, kinda in love with the little details, like the nimbus of some star or planet on the O.
They all give off different vibes, and I quite like all of them, if I'm honest. Well, maybe not "Spork*"...  I'm definitely curious what you guys think of the continuous changes, and which you'd rather have on your shelves. So,
Which one did it better?

* I'm wondering if that's a fan-made cover that was uploaded to Goodreads, tbh...

On the last FFO: The recently released covers for Jay Kristoff's Kinslayer went head to head, and while the  opinions on its predecessor, Stormdancer, were more split, we all generally found the UK/AUS cover to be a little insipid and just not quite there this time around (whereas Jason Chan's artwork is as fab as ever); the US version won in a rare unanimous decision.

Winner ---------->


  1. Definitely the second row. And it totally is Spork...lol.

  2. Ah! I thought I was the only one who made that connection with "Across the Universe"! I like the original cover of Glow, for the originality (and the second one, honestly, looks to me like the cover of a made-for-TV movie. Perhaps on the Lifetime network).
    But Spork? How did no one catch that? And why didn't they just move the circular hatch effect to the P instead of trying to make it an A? Harumph.

  3. The original US covers. Even though the second one definitely looks like it says Spork.

  4. While the "Girl of Space" cover of "Glow" is beautiful, I do prefer the covers with in the center that have the girl in the letters and the pretty pastels.

  5. The last one that you're wondering if it's a fan made cover, with the girl and stars all over her? It's not fan made, I think it was the original UK edition before they did a cover change - I have the book with that cover! :)
    I think I prefer the second lot of covers though.

    1. No, that wasn't the one I thought was fanmade - it was the one that looks like it says "spork" - I love the one with the stars!


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