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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dark Days of Summer

The teaser trailer for this summer's Dark Days of Summer campaign was realized a week or so ago, and in case you haven't seen it, I thought I'd share.
If you're unfamiliar, Dark Days of Summer is a yearly summer reading campaign from Harper Teen's "Pitch Dark" line-up (aka their hot supernatural books); along with a big awesome summer reading push to get your summer started, they have a Dark Days of Summer tour, which is currently going on (and though it's coming to MI, I'm going to be working my ass off catering to crazy scrapbooking ladies (long story), so I'm going to have to miss it - have fun for me if you go!).
You can find out more about the books and the tour here, but until you do, check out the teaser trailer below and let me know which one you're most eager for.
Personally, they all sound amazing, but I neeeeeed Reboot in my life.

The books, yo!

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