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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Face Off: The Eternal Ones vs. self

We've all discussed our very passionate (often negative) reactions to big change ups to the paperback releases of covers.  But what about smaller zhuzhing?  Here we have the hardcover and paperback versions of The Eternal Ones.  They definitely have the same idea and the changes aren't huge, but they are certainly two different takes.  So which appeals to you?  Do you prefer simple statement or are you lured by the more intricate but also more common "person cover"?
Which did it better?

Last Week on FFO: This Lullaby and Holding Her Breath put their paper hearts on the line and after a pretty epic battle...it was a tie.  Hmm.  Paper hearts for all!


  1. Like last week, I'm torn again... On the one hand, the red cover is pretty plain. On the other hand, the new cover makes the girl look like she's in an egg, which just confuses me. I think I'm going to have to go with the original -- it's got a dramatic tone I like.

  2. I am definitely a fan of the original cover. I think the simplicity of the cover catches the eye and makes you wonder about the book. If browsing in a bookstore, I think I would be tempted to ignore the one with the girl--you see that so often now, it doesn't stand out anymore. I also don't care for the colors of the paperback version--that red in the original was very eye catching.

  3. in this case, i like the red simple one.

  4. I like the black more, but I'm not crazy about having people on the cover, so the hardback's still my favorite.

  5. I'm definitely a fan of the newer cover. The old one never caught my eye at all. It looked boring and never even bothered looking it up. This one at least draws my eye and makes me think that it might worth a look.

  6. I like the red over the black, but agree the red cover needs something else.

  7. I prefer the person cover because the other one is a bit poor.

  8. I'd have to go with the original. The other one's pretty, but like you said..."people" covers are so common.

  9. I don't like either.

    However, OMG but the redesign is LAME.


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