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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Pushing (1): Recent Reads

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I love book pushing.  I think it's one of the best traits about readers because it shows our passion.

You know, book pushing is that thing we all do where, when someone tells us they like to read, our eyes sparkle and our tails wag and then we POUNCE.  Titles and storylines just spill forth from our mouths and we won't rest until our unlucky captive agrees to look into the books we're talking about.  

A good book means you have  to book push.  The book has to be talked about, the story has to be shared.  There are times that, even if I intend to do a review of a book, I just want to chat books with you.  So I'm starting a new feature in which I do just that.  For now I'm just calling it Book Pushing, but if you have a clever title, I'm all ears.

Also, if there's a theme you'd like to see me share my faves for, lemme know!


  1. I've got a great title idea.


    maybe even DIE A PAINFUL DEATH.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Allison's style of pushing. Or Book Threatening, really.

    But it works, so...

  3. What a wonderful idea. Reading your post, I had to laugh because I do tend to kind of pounce on someone, if they say they like to read, with 1000 recommendations of what they should read.
    Breadcrumbs sounds wonderful. I'm definitely putting it on my TBR. And you're right, that cover is gorgeous. But I am dying to read The Dust of 1000 Dogs. You had me at Pirate! lol That one sounds absolutely intriguing; humor, a bit dark, possibly uncomfortable subject matters....sign me up! I can't wait to get that one! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!

  4. I'll have to get Breadcrumbs when it comes out. Hopefully it's available soon. Maybe that could be my 3rd read aloud after The Near Witch.

  5. I love book pushing! I do this all the time when someone tells me they like to read. Thank you for this video. I had seen some of these in the bookstore and kind of dismissed them as something I wasn't interested in. Your descriptions and your enjoyment of these books makes me rethink my assumptions. All of these books sound amazing, especially Breadcrumbs, and I will definitely put them on be reading list.

    I would love if you would do book pushing for fairy tale books. I'm always looking for new ones and it's one of my favorite genres.

  6. I like "Book Pushing" and I also like "Read this or die." You have so many book suggestions I want to read...coming to your blog is dangerous.

  7. @The Happy Booker: Yay! Dust of 100 Dogs is really, really interesting and unique. Hope you love it!

    @Alanna: It comes out at the end of September. I think your kids would enjoy it, especially if they are readers - it's sort of an ode to story telling sometimes.

    @Titania: Yay, again! I love when I make someone rethink something (or they make me rethink) because that's how new loves are discovered. Also, BIG YAY for asking me to do a fairy tale one! I was hoping someone would. ;)

  8. I love this! I think 'book pushing' is exactly right -- I call it gushing, when I corner my co-workers and commuting friends and go on and on and on about whatever awesome book I'm hot for at that moment. I might try this myself (will credit you, of course) -- thanks for the book recs, too -- Breadcrumbs sounds amazing.

  9. If you do, Audra, shoot me a link. I'd love to see it!!

  10. I'll give it a trial run this weekend -- I'm a bit self conscious about myself!

  11. Hi! I'm a well-known book-pusher. I can't help myself sometimes. Just like you said my eyes light up, my tail starts wagging & then BAM! haha

    I've heard some good things about Breadcrumbs & can't wait to read it. This is great idea and I'm glad to have found your blog via Danny Marks. :-)

  12. I love this idea! Speaking of, have you read Anna and the French Kiss?

    I need to hurry up and read The Near Witch and Anya's Ghost. They both sound incredible.

  13. I bought this one and read it because of your pushing and I have Near Witch on hold as well at the library! You pusher! ;)

  14. Wait, you bought which one, Heather?

  15. Fail! I can't believe I've taken SO long to comment on this one! I mean, really... But- LOVE! Seriously! I love this! Such a great video and great idea!

    *adds all to the tbr


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