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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teaser Shake Ups

Alrighty, you lovelies should know by now that I like to shake it up on occasion.  One of the things I felt was in need of a shake-up was Teaser Tuesday.    I felt confined by the original meme hosted by Should Be Reading, so I changed it from two lines from a random page to whatever bit of the book I wanted to share.  I then later changed that  to being a vlog teaser where I read you a more sizeable chunk of one of my favorite parts of the book.

Well, I had a few more issues with it that just weren't working for me, so I had to ask myself a few questions -- and I even answered!

Q: Why stick to Tuesdays?
A: There are other times through out the week that I want to tease you.  So I'm going to.  From now on, a teaser can happen at any time, any day of the week.  I obviously can't call that "teaser tuesday" though, so it will just be Teaser: [book title].

Q: What about all of the great books that I intend to review for you eventually, or maybe know I won't review, but still want to share with you?  And all of those ARCs I got at ALA, what about them?  I want to give you guys snippets of their release before it happens, but there's no way I can review them all by then.
A: There's going to be a second style of Teaser called First Pages.  All of the books that I get that I can't wait to share with you, even if I won't be reviewing it soon or ever, and even if I won't even be reading it soon or ever, can still be used to tease you mercilessly.  My solution is to read you the first page or so.  This way, I can tease you with a reading, you can find out about some good books before they come out, and you can gauge whether you want to read it based on the style of the writing.  I very often know whether I want to read a book based on its first page, sometimes even its first line.  So when you see "First Page: [book title]" that will be a vlog teaser reading, akin to Teaser Tuesday (without the Tuesday).

Q: Should I shake-up my readings for September Zombies and Helluva Halloween?
A: Hell yes!  I will  be doing some zombie readings, and I will be doing some costumed readings, and that's all I am going to say on that...

Hope you guys like the shake-up.  You all are welcome to appropriate them for yourselves and post your own First Page readings or discussions, and I would love if you link them up (or your reviews of books whose first pages I share!)

And hopefully soon I'll have a button and a go-to page for all of this teasing. :)

Edit: After posting this, I had intended to post the first First Pages teaser, and I proceeded to record it -- only to discover that there is some wonky weirdness going on with my webcam.  Spent all day fussing, to no avail.  Grr.
So teasers coming soon.  Hopefully.


  1. I love first pages teasers :) That's why I adore Book Beginnings Friday so much.

    Good luck shaking :)

  2. Great ideas. Looking forward to them :D

  3. Costumed readings, huh? That should be very fun.

  4. I thought some of the restrictions for Teaser Tuesday were too limiting as well and I just share what I want to lol.


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