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Monday, August 23, 2010

B2SW: Favorites: Savvy by Ingrid Law

I mentioned earlier in my teaser of The Girl Who Could Fly that I thought the excerpt read like a recent favorite of mine, Newbery honor book, Savvy.  When I read this last year, it became an instant favorite, and one that I want to share with every imaginative school-kid I meet.  Mibs and her family are captivating, the language is interesting and fun, and it's just an all-around joy to read. 

For generations, the Beaumont family has harbored a magical secret. They each possess a "savvy"--a special supernatural power that strikes when they turn thirteen. Grandpa Bomba moves mountains, her older brothers create hurricanes and spark electricity . . . and now it's the eve of Mibs's big day.

As if waiting weren't hard enough, the family gets scary news two days before Mibs's birthday: Poppa has been in a terrible accident. Mibs develops the singular mission to get to the hospital and prove that her new power can save her dad. So she sneaks onto a salesman's bus . . . only to find the bus heading in the opposite direction. Suddenly Mibs finds herself on an unforgettable odyssey that will force her to make sense of growing up--and of other people, who might also have a few secrets hidden just beneath the skin.

This week, why not share some of your childhood favorites with a child?
You never know; years from now, they might be dedicating their book to you...


  1. Another favorite! I love the cover and the story of this one! One of my favorite recent Newberys!

  2. This really sounds great Misty. I'll add up to my TBR list!


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