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Monday, April 5, 2021

Bullet Journal Walk-Through + April Plan With Me

I want to start by thanking all of you who filled out my feedback form last week; you guys have given me so much to think about, so many ideas to explore, and a renewed excitement for the work-side of book blogging. Thank you!

One of the things that came through loud and clear (in addition to everyone saying 'bring back 30 Day Book Binge!!')was that people want to see more art and journal related content. Now, I know that there is a divide between what my audience on youtube wants, vs what my audience here on the blog wants, and I figured bullet journaling was pretty firmly on the youtube side of things -- but actually, there were a good number of you who specifically asked me to share it all on the blog side of things, too! (For those of you who aren't interested in this content -- that's okay! I'll catch you in the next post.)

So today, I'm sharing not one but two recent bullet journal videos. In addition to this week's scheduled video, in which I did a full flip-through and discussion of this year's gorgeous (If I do say so myself. And I do. I love it so) bullet journal theme, "Celestial Floral," I also posted a bonus video where I took you along with me as I set up my spreads for the month of April. 

First up: my 2021 bujo so far...


And then we take a slightly more detailed deep-dive into the current month, with my harmony-themed, lavender-accented April layout:

So, are you a fan of bujos and planners? If so, what are some of your favorite themes and designs? And what are some of your go-to tips and tricks that you think beginning bujo-ers might find helpful? Let  me know in the comments, and you might be featured in an upcoming post. 
Thanks so much for watching!


  1. Those are exquisite, Misty. I love seeing your talent display in your bujo and journal. I had no idea there was this much too it. I do enjoy written journaling and adding some paper art.

    1. Thanks so much!
      I don't think there HAS to be so much to it (I mean, the original idea of the bullet journal is actually very basic, and is simply a way of ordering your to-do lists and migrating tasks, etc.), but a lot of people use it as a sort of art therapy. Getting to make things pretty makes me want to use it, so I'm more likely to keep on top of it.

  2. They're gorgeous as hell, and you've inspired me to get back into it, so thanks for that! I'm cribbing your theme a bit, because it's gorgeous, but leaning more into list and tracker layouts than day planner layouts. Also, I bought a bunch of stickers for it *and* I'm making plans to explore watercolor, including chromograph techniques.

    Personally, the last time I did a BuJo it got stressful, because it felt like an endless to-do list. And with my chronic health issues, every aspect of every day has to be rescheduleable, so a pen-and-paper calendar is more frustrating than helpful. BUT I really like your idea about plant correspondences, and am excited to make a TBR list for my book challenges, and basically set time aside at the end of every month that's just for making pretty things for myself. I'm leaning into tracker lists, too, like a Compliment Jar and a hydration tracker.

    1. Crib away! I'd love to see someone else's riff on the whole thing.
      Curious about your chromograph expiremtation! Tag me in it if you end up posting about it, 'cause I wanna see!

      I always say when it comes to bullet journaling, you have to know yourself and be honest with yourself about what's going to work and what you need from it. I think it's a system that can work for anyone, but not everyone needs elaborate spreads or to invest so much time in it. If the journal itself becomes work and drudgery, it's not really beneficial. And then for others, having just plain to-do lists doesn't excite them enough to actually use the thing, so then it's not beneficial to /them/. I think most people fall in the middle; add some flair when you've got the time and mojo, but otherwise, just make the damn thing work for you.
      As far as actually sticking to WHEN you've scheduled something - that's the hardest part for me, too! I just don't operate that way. My days are unpredictable, and so are my moods and energy levels. I keep telling myself to write things in in pencil, but I always forget. What I do find helpful, though, is keeping a nice stock of post-its and sticky tabs.* I write everything down on a large post it, so I have a running to-do list to plug in and move around as need be, and try to just write the CONCRETE MUST-DOS into specific days. But the small flag sticky notes are great, too, to use like I do when I'm organizing AiA -- I write each item on a sticky flag, and then can peel and restick as needed if things need to get moved, but then at least they're all written down and where I need them to be, and I can see it all as a sort of overview, which is what I need.

      *I'm going to be doing a bujo tips for newbs video soon, so I will be going more into this!

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