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Thursday, April 1, 2021

#30DayBookBinge Round 12 + FREE Printables!

Recently, when I asked you guys to tell me what you wanted to see from me (thanks for all the great feedback, by the way), there was a resounding cry of 30 DAY BOOK BINGE!! Which I was glad to hear! 30DBB has been super beneficial for me, and I've loved the idea of it helping a lot of you set a solid reading habit or power through your TBR. But to be honest, I wasn't sure if there was a lot of interest in it anymore. A few people here and there were popping up on the hashtag on twitter and instagram, sharing their progress through their stacks, but for the most part, it seemed like a lot of people had dropped off. 

I didn't want to keep shoving something in your face that you didn't want -- nor did I want to take on the work of making the accompanying printables sets for no reason -- but it seems that for a lot of you, you were just too busy reading to talk about reading! Haha. And I am a-ok with that; it is sort of the point, afterall. All I needed to hear was that there was interest, and I was game to bring it back. 

So we're launching into the 12th 30Day Book Binge! Yes, that's right. TWELFTH. [Side note: I don' think I've ever typed 'twelfth' in all caps before, and wow, that just doesn't even look like a word.] Most of you are probably familiar with what this is by now (it is the twelfth round, after all...), but for those of you who need a refresher: 

30 DAY BOOK BINGE is a quarterly (supposedly) reading challenge in which the goal is just to read something every single day for 30 straight days. What you read (books, poetry, the newspaper), the format you read it in (physical, digital, audio), and how long you read for are entirely up to you! The goal is just to make daily reading a habit, and to maybe knock out some other reading goals in the process (other challenges you're taking part in, school reading, whatever).

You can share your progress, your reading picks, ask for encouragement or give some of your own on social media with the hashtag #30DayBookBinge -- I LOVE seeing what you guys are reading, and what you have to say!

Now, as always, I like to sweeten the pot by giving you some special, limited edition printables to go along with each round of the Book Binge. These are created by me, specifically for each round of our "challenge," and they are 100% free for you to download and use.*

I changed things up a little bit this time around, so you will find all of the printables available sized to fit on a single sheet of paper.  (A previous bookshelf perma-printable is also available.) You can print on regular computer paper, cardstock, or sticker paper, and cut them out to use accordingly. They're intended for planners and bullet journals, but you can use them however you'd like. You'll find a half-size calendar, a bookmark, and a set of bookish circle stickers, all in this months LEMON theme. (I love lemons!) All of the printables are available as a printable pdf or as a png file, which you can use for digital planner apps.

You can download the printables for free >>>HERE<<<


You do not have permission to share, distribute, sell, remix, or use them in any way other than intended. This set was created by me, specifically for the 30 Day Book Binge; the images are hand-painted, and the entire set took a lot of time to create. Please respect that, and don't try to distribute or profit off of my hard work. 

I look forward to seeing you all active on the #30DayBookBinge hashtag, across all social media platforms, and I can't wait to see what you read, and how you put your printables to use! 


  1. Woohoo! I'm in. I love the challenge of reading a bit each day. Thanks, Misty! And lemons are such happy fruits. :)

  2. Yay! I'm in, too. :) Thanks, Misty!


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