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Saturday, January 25, 2020

"Currently" "Reading".. sort of

I sort of disappeared over the last few months, but in that time, I was reading, I swear! The problem is, I wasn't *finishing*... Here are all the books I'm "currently" reading, and maybe will even finish soon. Possibly. Hopefully?

(Also, sorry for not posting this here on the blog sooner! In case you missed it, I've posted 2 other videos recently on my youtube channel, as well, which will be making it over to the blog over the next couple of days. But if you won't want to wait, you can check them out at youtube.com/BookRatMisty)


  1. Ouch, so painful! I have that a little. I got sick and couldn't read for a few days and as the infection dragged on so did my inattentiveness. I have been finishing just slowly- not like your sad issue. Yay for being motivated and I'm cheering you on to getting back to finishing what you've got in 'current reading' so you'll feel better about your reading, Misty.

  2. Oh my goodness....how do you even keep track of all of these? :D I mean, no shame on not finishing a book, but I would forget all the plot. All of it. I hope you're able to either start a book so amazing you finish it, or take a break to recalibrate. Good luck!


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