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Friday, January 31, 2020

#30DayBookBinge, Round10! + FREE PRINTABLES!

Since the ORIGINAL 10th #30DayBookBinge was a fail on my part (back in October), and what *should have been* the next book binge should technically be going on right now, I guess you could say things got a little out of whack. But I'm just gonna roll with it! So the next 30 Day Book Binge is going to be for the month of February, which yes, does not have 30 days in it! 😂
But it 's a leap year, so we're close. Just consider that you're getting a day off for good behavior. ;)

30 DAY BOOK BINGE is a quarterly reading challenge in which the goal is just to read something every single day for 30 straight days. What you read (books, poetry, the newspaper), the format you read it in (physical, digital, audio), and how long you read for are entirely up to you! The goal is just to make daily reading a habit, and to maybe knock out some reading goals in the process.
You can share your progress, your reading picks, ask for encouragement or give some of your own on social media with the hashtag #30DayBookBinge.

Now, as always, I like to sweeten the pot by giving you some special, limited edition printables to go along with each round of the Book Binge. These are created by me, specifically for each round of our "challenge," and they are 100% free for you to download and use.*

In the printable pack, you'll find:

  • a February 2020 calendar, in this month's pink & berry florals theme
  •  a TBR tracker in 2 versions ("Twenty Books to Read in 2020" and blank, so you can decide the theme yourself) 
    • the blank bookshelves printable is available as a single letter size (approx A4) illustration, or a 2-per-page bullet journal size (suitable for A5 or larger, with room for margins). The "Twenty Books.." version prints with the sticker pack, below.
  • a set of digital stickers, which you can print and cut out to use in a planner or bullet journal. Included designs:
    • the "Twenty Books to Read in 2020" bookshelf printable, mentioned above.
    • 5-Star Rating stickers, for you to rate the books you read
    • blank and colored book illustrations
    • a 30-box daily reading checkmark tracker
    • colorful days of the week labels
    • book "reaction" stickers and decorative heart stickers
    • and a decorative corner-page sticker in the month's floral design, to match the February calendar!
  • All files are available as PDFs and PNG files, so that you can use or print them in whichever format you're most comfortable handling (or resizing, as needed). 

The download window for these printables has closed. New printables will be available in the next round of the 30 Day Book Binge!

I hope to see you around during our 10th (tenth!) 30 Day Book Binge, and I very much hope you enjoy the free printables. If you like them or make use of them, please let me know!

Happy reading!

*These digital files are for personal use only. Please do not reupload these designs, remix them, or use them in a commercial capacity. You may save and print as many as you'd like for personal use, though. And feel free to share them with friends!


  1. Looks like another busy month! Beautiful printables—thanks!

  2. Yep, I'm in! I will need to read into March to get my 30 in, but worth it. Lovely printed kit for this latest quarter. :)


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