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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Feed Your Reader: Comics Edition!

We're continuing on with our impromptu theme week, in conjunction with First Second's Girl Power Comics blog tour (a theme I took and ran with).

Today, since I've been doing my best to load you up on books lately, I thought I'd do a special edition of Feed Your Reader. Now, normally, FYR is book-deal specific, but today, I'm just trying to shove as many of my personal favorites, featuring my ride-or-die female characters, into your kindles and onto your bookshelves as I possibly can.

And away we go!

FOR KIDS (but not just kids)

All of the books mentioned in yesterday's series of mini-reviews. Seriously, they are all excellent and super kid-friendly.

Mighty Jack may be a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk — so, naturally, centered around a male lead — but as much as I love Jack, it's the two main female side characters, Maddy and Lilly, that steal the show for me.

My review of this gorgeous book, and the fact that it ended up in my fave reads of 2016, says it all.

This spin-off of the Battling Boy series features Aurora West, daughter of a superhero, and she is fantastic.

FOR ADULTS (but also for kids, probably?)

I just... oh, god, you guys! I love this series a lot, I've made no attempt to hide that. There are plenty of amazing characters in this book, male and female alike (and mostly not human), but it centers around Jain, one of a host of peripheral fairytale-world characters, living together in a castle abandoned by one of the more notable fairy tale characters when she rides off into the sunset with her Charming prince.


I devoured this series, and then a few months later, I devoured it again. Ugh! So good.

This is a recent read for me, and I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I can load up volume 4 on Hoopla and dig in. (I may or may not have overdue library fines, preventing me from doing such...😫) It's a far-flung, space Western, which is something I never knew I needed so badly until Tin Star; add in the strong, complex female sheriff lead, and I'm sold.

FOR ADULTS (definitely just adults. Srsly.)

Okay, maaaybe older YA readers can get away with this one (and certainly will enjoy it if they sneak it, I'm just saying), but the content frequently goes to very adult places.
And yes, I did struggle to get into the series initially. But if there's one thing that has consistently kept me going, it's the character of Snow White. She may have become one of my favorite female characters in comics, period.

Oh my gaaaahhhd, what is there even to say? This entire series is just chock FULL of strong characters of all genders, races, and whatever the robot creatures are, and it is all just FAN.TAS.TIC.
(and not for kids)
Seriously, though. Some of the best storytelling out there right now, and I'm not limiting that statement to comics.

But Penny, tho.

Yes, volume 3 was a mess. I know I've railed against aspects of this story in the past. But there's no denying that (in the beginning at least, and hopefully again, with the reboot), this Dungeons & Dragons-esque caper won me over hard, and introduced me to some of my absolute favorite (and I do mean favorite) female comic book characters I've ever read. They're all a mess, but damned if I don't love them.
(And I really mean it with the 'adult' classification on this one. Do not buy this for your kids. Trust me.)

I could go on.


These would all make excellent additions to your ereaders and book shelves. Seriously.
There are so many amazing female characters in comics, and more making their way into the world every day. Have any favorites? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. Love this list! I thought about adding SAGA and the FABLES comics to mine... but I didn't want to go "full adult." By which I mean, I agree with all of your choices, great work!

  2. A mega cool collection. Love the smile on the face of that little girl who is going to battle monsters.


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