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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Review: the AUDIBLE ROMANCE Package

I've been teasing this vid for a few weeks, but behind the scenes, I've been playing around with the Audible Romance Package for a few months!
Here are the conclusions I've come to, both good and bad.
Sign up or check it out here: https://www.audible.com/ep/Romance-Package-Signup

(I think you can get a free trial? Not sure.)

Some things I forgot to mention:

* Even though the service IS unlimited in the amount of books you can listen to /month, you can only have 10 "checked out" at any given time, so keep that in mind.

* I wish I would have talked about browsability more! That could definitely be improved, the the splash pages and highlights are a nice start.

* There really is a glut of indy/self-pubbed (?) authors to wade through, and I REALLY wish there was a way to mark things as not interested, to tailor recommendations.

* You can add this -- and the regular Audible package -- on to Kindle Unlimited for a further discount, which is a pretty damn good deal, if you ask me.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video, though I was gifted a trial to the ARP, as well as a box of goodies of the pampering variety, to get hyped and what not. All opinions are honest and my own!


  1. I've noticed a few people have enjoyed the romance package. I like the sound of it, but I come up against the fact that I have so many print or electronic and even a little stack of audio books that need my attention right now. Maybe when I'm caught up then having unlimited would be a feast of good things for me.

    I liked your review which helps me know even more what the ins and outs are with it. It really does sound great.

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