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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


So... much like I thought I would, I was definitely finding books that I forgot to mention, nearly as soon as I was finished with this video. Every. Time.

Anywho, LE BOOKS:
Audible Romance care package (more on AR soon!)
Xmas present from Liz, including The Wizards of Once
My Little Cities series of board books, including New YorkLondonParis and San Francisco
The Traitor's Game
Pretty Dead Girls
R.I.P. Eliza Hart
One Day a Dot
The Prince & the Dressmaker
Tess of the Road
a whole bunch of things on Hoopla, including:
Saga vol 8
Fables vols 6-9
The Last Namsara
and a mess of gardening books from my local library, because I. AM. READY.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video, though many of these books were sent to me for review consideration purposes, and the Audible Romance package was a gift to enjoy while I test it out.
All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. LOL! I know sooner post about what came in the mailbox than I find one I missed or get a new one the day after.
    Liz has your number with those gifts.
    Wow, that's quite a romance mood pack. Glad its all goodies to enjoy.
    Sadly, none of your haul publisher books are grabbing me, but yes, gardening planning is definitely on my priority list, too.

    In my Christmas haul was a cute Pride & Prejudice guinea pig stocking stuffer and Stephen King's book On Writing. An Anne of Green Gables coloring book and pencils.

  2. Decaf tea is your friend! (Adagio.com has some lovely ones, and if none of those appeal let me know and I'll create a custom blend for you on there).
    I hope you feel better soon!

    I like the "skip to the good parts" idea, for re-reads. 'Cuz if I could skip to the sizzling kiss in Uprooted (not a romance, I know) I totally would.


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