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Friday, September 29, 2017

Misty and the Gigantic, Humongous, Really Good, Never Bad Book Haul: a memoir

Grab a snack, this might take awhile...

ICYMI: #30DayBookBinge round 2

I THINK I have them all listed, but if I missed one, lemme know!
And yes, I did forget at least one book in this video... I'll save it for next time.

Click through for the full list and links!

Amid Stars and Darkness
The Midnight Dance
Never Apart
The One That Got Away
Mean Girls
Mighty Jack
Mighty Jack & the Goblin King
The Knowing
More of Me
Wayward Daughters
Darcy in Wonderland
Pemberley: Mr Darcy's Dragon
Longbourn: Dragon Entail
A Less Agreeable Man
Beauty from the Inside Out
The Bear & the Nightingale
Demon King
Princess of Thorns
Roman Fever & Other Stories
Melting Stones
Witches Brew
The Black Unicorn
The Tangle Box
Wizard at Large
Strange Sweet Song

Roar review

The One That Got Away excerpt/impressions

Mighty Jack review

The Forgetting excerpt/impressions

Darcy in Wonderland excerpt and First Impressions

Pemberley: Mr Darcy's Dragon review

Tillie Walden SPINNING interview

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  1. Reading novels is an all time favorite thing to do but I request all the readers to give a review of the books they read so other readers can get a glimpse/idea of the essence of the story/book.


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