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Friday, August 18, 2017

Jinx! Berserker! Roar! Yes Please!

As I'm preparing to head into this year's Austen in August fray, I've realized that I somehow got a little behind in posting videos from my youtube channel to this blog. (Oops.)
It hasn't all been bookish over there, but much of it certainly has -- and the most recent bookish video certainly should have made its way over here. It was a quartet of reviews for some of the books I read during my 30 Day Book Binge (on top of the trio of weird I reviewed previously), including one SUPER early review for what turned out to be a surprisingly good book!

You can find my thoughts on all four books below, and if you're curious what else you've missed over on the ol' channel, I also talked about the really, really weird dreams I've been having...

Yes Please

Close Kin
A Face Like Glass
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


  1. Hmm, you pulled me in with Berserker. I haven't read any of those from your stack. I do appreciate the hint that Yes Please works best in audio.

    I've been catching up with Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series, lately.

  2. KIMBA! The cuteness is *almost* too much. Almost. I'm so glad you kept one of the kittens! You are so right- no such thing as too many cats. I tried to convince Stace we needed to bring a rescue home the other day (talkative lovebug who is leash trained, of all things) but he held firm. Unfortunately. ;)
    Berserker sounds amazing- I can't wait to read it! Thanks!
    And Roar. I am....nervous about that one. But I trust ya and will stick with it.
    I'm midway through Red Queen (and enjoying it) and Vacation (which is bouncing between bitter and sweet, so I'm less engaged) and Clarissa's England (non-fiction, and slow going).

    1. Keep going with Roar. It starts BAD. Like, seriously, if I had been in a different mood, I would have given up. And it DOES have some elements throughout that are deserving of major criticism, no doubt. But there is something about it! I'd be curious to hear what you think.

      Also, I so want to leash-train Kimba. I think he'd take to it really well, actually.


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