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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Last Five Books: Rebel Belle, Silver in the Blood, Rebel Mechanics and more!

I flew through the first "The Next Five Books" stack (I actually finished these about a week ago, which means these 5 were read in a little over 2 weeks -- YAY. It feels really good to not be in a reading slump!), so now it's time to see what I thought of them!
The new stack will be up here on the blog tomorrow, but if you really can't wait, you can get a sneak peek of it here. ;)

(0:55) Rebel Mechanics |Shanna Swendson
(2:40) Silver in the Blood |Jessica Day George
(4:35) Suddenly Mrs Darcy |Jenetta James
(6:36) Mistaking Her Character |Maria Grace
(7:40) The Curious Word of Calpurnia Tate |Jacqueline Kelley
(8:25) Rebel Belle | Rachel Hawkins


  1. You had a good luck with this five. And absolutely, I'd like to get your review thoughts on Mistaking Her Character. I read some of it as a weekly serial and liked what she was doing with it. I'll have to check out Rebel Belle after what you said.

    1. I had REALLY good luck with this five!
      I'll definitely be talking about Mistaking Her Character either way, it's just a question of how, Think I definitely want to do a video on it, though, because I just need to talk it out. lol!

  2. OMG YES about Steampunk fashion! The Victorians, the Romantic period, it's all mashed up with our current concepts, and it drives me nuts when a Steampunk story is all "skanky Halloween costume". Blargh.

    I'm glad to hear Silver in the Blood gets a thumbs up! Shifting perspective and epistolary...hrmmm....intriguing.

    Ohhhh....Mistaking Her Character sounds intriguing! I wasn't going to pick it up, but now.....hrmmmmm.....
    Yes please, on the video review!

    Rebel Belle's on my shelf right now- good to know it's a silly one, for those times I need a quirky break! Thanks!

    1. YES! It's totally skanky Halloween! I mean, if your whole world is like that, fine, but when most people are dressed as proper Victorians, then your random girls running around in saloon skirts are going to be arrested or put in asylums. Like, no two ways about it, that would not have flown. lol!

  3. Still totally looking forward to Rebel Mechanics - even if I love really in depth steampunk. At least I'll know what to expect going into it. Glad to hear you liked Silver in the Blood. I'm honestly still uncertain about it - though hearing some of what you said about it is making me think I'll give it a go. I do have another Jessica Day George book that I have to read first anyway (my first one of hers, in fact) so I've got time to decide about it. Glad to hear all five (and a half ;)) turned out well.

    1. I mean, I still really enjoyed it, I thought it was a lot of fun -- but I can see where some people, especially those that take steampunk v. srsly, would maybe be irritated by it, JUST on the surface level.

  4. Intersting stack of books you have there. And I always love finding youtube-bloggers! It's easier to just listen when you don't feel like reading a review. I might check out Silver in the Blood, as it is out of my reading comfort zone. Plenty good things heard about Rebel belle, too, so I will finally have to get a copy!

    1. I'd say I do a pretty good mix of written and video, but I have to say, I definitely favor video! I think you can get so much of someone's personality that way, so it's like you're getting to interact with them more, and frankly, it's just more fun to do. =)


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