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Saturday, February 9, 2013

So, I had this idea...

I should probably be writing a review right now, but:

When I'm bored, I make things.* Mostly cards or bookmarks, sometimes jewelry, just whatever. And I would like to randomly surprise people with these things.  This thought, combined with the fact that I want to make this a year of random acts of kindness (and hopefully, make it not just a year, but a habit), has led me to the idea that I'd like to give some of these things to you.
As a surprise.
Nothing big or extravagant, just a little something to brighten your day.
Because we all like getting mail that isn't bills.
And 'cause I'm warm and fuzzy and shit and I like you.

SO BASICALLY if you would like to maybe, sometime, receive a card or a post card or a bookmark, or whatever the hell I decide to send, AND if you live in the US,** AND you are comfortable giving a stranger on the internet (me, a lovely, non-psychotic stranger) your mailing address, then please do! I want to have a list of people that I can work my way through when I'm feeling all random act-y.

No catch.
No strings attached.
No expectation of something in return.
I will never share these, and will delete them at your request, no questions asked.

This is just something I've been wanting to do for awhile, and I figured, well, why the hell not, right?

PLEASE DO NOT, for the love of cheesus, leave any sensitive info in the comments! Seriously, I will delete.

*Or cut my hair, as this weekend proved. Twice.
** International peoples, you CAN give me your address, too. I just don't know if/how/when I will be able to send something to you, but I don't want to leave you out entirely. But shipping is 'spensive!


  1. You are a fabulous, fabulous person Misty. I may just steal this idea later this year... I have a stack of books I need to pass on.

  2. You should! It's so nice just doing something nice! =)

    (and thanks! *blushes*)

  3. This is adorable. And the sweetest thing ever <3

  4. You're so cool :) I missed hearing about your Friday Read this week!

  5. This is such a lovely idea, Misty! :D

  6. That's such a sweet idea! You're so awesome, Misty! :)

  7. Misty, thanks so much for doing this. What a sweet thing to do. :-)

  8. It's really a good idea, i'm doing something similar already while i participate in the RAK ( random act of kindness) hosted by booksoulmates

    i know making those can takes time and money and it's always personnal so it ust be treasured

    i hope you will have a lot of demands

    ( i'm creating bookmarks and keychain, sometimes earrings, i never tried the cards though^^)

  9. Thanks, guys!
    And yeah, Casey, I completely forgot to do one this week, Friday flew by.

  10. I received a thank you card from you once. It was purple and lovely and had a butterfly on it. Totally made me smile. You do nice work.

  11. This is such a great idea! It just shows how awesome you are!

  12. That's so nice of you. I read your posts through email so I rarely click through and leave a comment, but I liked the lead in with you being bored. I was too! So I was making a list of all the books on my shelves.
    I'm making up a box of books for the Spring Cleaning giveaway.


  13. Thanks for your generosity!! That is very thoughtful of you!


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