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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday Face Off: Don't Breathe a Word vs. So Pretty It Hurts

This is really late, but...Look, it's a Face Off!

So...this week was my birthday, and I was busy getting drunk with friends diligently working on other blog related things, and I completely forgot to post this week's Face Off.  So, I give you: Holly Cupala's Don't Breathe a Word and Kate White's So Pretty It Hurts.  I think both give a slightly different image of their respective stories, and had I ever only seen one, I would have thought it was a pretty nice cover.  Now, all I think when I see them is, Wait a minute...   So -
Which one did it better?

Last Week on FFO: The US and UK versions of Zoe Marriott's Shadows on the Moon went head to head, with the flowery UK version coming out the clear winner.
Now, I originally felt the same, and I do love this cover, but I found the more I looked at the US version and got used to it, the more I'm starting to really like that one.  I'm curious if we were to have this FFO rematched awhile down the line, after everyone's seen it around a bit more, if the UK version would still come out the winner... Hmm....
Winnah (for now?) ----->


  1. I think "So Pretty It Hurts" is my choice...but the other one is pretty! :)

  2. I like So Pretty It Hurts better, but it's a tough choice. The picture is just so pretty!

  3. I think I prefer Don't Breathe a Word this time - it's the colours!

  4. I think So Pretty It Hurts is better. I like the color of the book it just catches my eye,

  5. While I like the coloring more, I can't stand the font in So Pretty It Hurts, so I'm going to have to go with the other one.

  6. I think I prefer the whole finished look of don't breathe a word even though the blue is really nice on so pretty it hurts.

    My favorite is don't breathe a word!

  7. I really like both, but am choosing Don't Breathe a Word because of the yellow, which really draws the eye.


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