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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Face Off: Soul Bound vs. Sacrificial Magic

A lot of times, with Friday Face Off, I find myself making notes of "Ooh, this cover reminds me of something - I should track it down."  But every now and then, things will just work out so weirdly, where I'll be thinking of a book and see its twin as I'm thinking of it, or I'll see one and almost immediately see another.  But never have I seen any in such quick succession as this...I was on Goodreads, and one of my GR friends had added Soul Bound as to-read.  I though, Hmm, that sorta looks like the upside down portion of the cover for Balefire, so I made a note to add it to the FFO list - and then I looked down, and the very next item in my feed was another  friend posting Sacrificial Magic as to-read.  And Lo, a Friday Face Off was born!  So ~
Which one would you reach for?  Which makes you want to know more about the story within?
Which one did it better?

And here's the cover of Balefire I was talking about.  See the cheeky over-the-shoulder grin at the bottom - same model?

Last Week on FFO:  13 Little Blue Envelopes blew The Geography of Girlhood out of the water when they went head(less) to head(less).
Winnah ------>


  1. Difficult one this week, they're very similar! I think I prefer Soul Bound - it's something about the dark colours for me!

  2. The second one. The tattoo and colors make it more interesting.

  3. I'm torn between Soul Bound & Sacrificial Magic since I don't really like either cover's style, but I think Soul Bound did it better. (but Balefire's the winner for prettiest cover :))

  4. Sacrificial Magic.

    The Soul Bound positioning looks really awkward, like her head is tilted too much or something.


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