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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wishlis Wednesday: Graphic Novel Edition

Yesterday I gave you a post of the graphic novels I own that I need to get around to reading; today's focus is the ones I still need to get my hands on - the ones that have been pushed on me by friends, or that I have stumbled across and need to have on my bookshelves. ;)

If you have any up-and-coming or already-out-but-wanting graphic novels on your wishlist, make sure to let me know in the comments!

This is probably my most eagerly anticipated graphic novel, and the only one on today's
list that isn't out yet.  You can believe I will be reading it the second I get my greedy little paws on it.

This is by one of my favorite people.  I suppose I should say by one of my favorite
authors, but no, I'm sticking with people.  And anyone who's ever read her "silly afterword manga"
will understand why. I adore the Emma series, so I need to get my hands on this.

This one has been on my to-read list since before it came out.  
Kinda can't believe I still haven't read it.

Sorta just feel like I have to. Basically everyone tells me I will like it.

I'm a big Buffy nerd. BIG.  I routinely quote the show.  I'm currently rewatching all of them (thank you, Neflix.), and am loving it just as much now as I did a decade ago.
Need to read this and see where the story goes.
(And to prove my nerdery - I wrote that last line about seeing where the story goes, and immediately
got the song "Where Do We Go From Here?" in my head. Once More With Feeling, anyone?)

See above, re: nerdery. Replace Buffy with Firefly.
I worship at the altar of Joss Whedon.

So that's my (short) list.  There are many, many more I'd like to get my hands on. I think it's safe to say I am a graphic novel convert.

What's on your wishlist, graphic or otherwise?


  1. Yay! Another Buffy fan! I'm also rewatching the show. I started in winter break and I'm into season 6 right now. I've never seen season 7, so I wanted to refresh the rest of the series since I haven't seen much of it since it originally aired. I LOVE Once More with Feeling. It's definitely in the top 3 episodes (the others being Hush and The Body).

    Serenity is awesome too! I HIGHLY recommend the third volume, the Shepherd's Tale, which is all about Shepherd Book's past. I'll stop nerd gushing all over the place now.

  2. Ooooo I think I will dig Serenity.

    You crack me up with that, "I worship at the altar of Joss Whedon."

  3. I have the Buffy comics in my To-Read pile also, maybe I'll get going with them again soon...speaking of rewatching Buffy, have you checked out Mark Watches? http://markwatches.net/reviews/ He is watching Buffy (and eventually Angel) for the first time ever and reviews it each day. It's really amazing. :)

  4. I am also a ginormous fan of Joss Whedon. I love everything that he's done (except Dollhouse, which I have not seen yet). I'm scared to start it because I know I won't get any of my homework done once I do!


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