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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday Face Off: Temptation of Angels vs. Secrets After Dark

Got a cover double for you this week. I feel like we've been doing a lot of remixes of covers for the same book (which is disconcerting, because it means a lot of covers are being given makeovers, which is a trend that tends to drive most readers - and nearly all book-buyers - insane). So I thought we would shake it up and do another double this week.  It's been awhile.  It's good to get back to the roots of FFO. At least for awhile. (aka There are plenty more remix face-offs to come.)
This week we're looking at Michelle Zink's upcoming A Temptation of Angels and Marie Higgins Secrets After Dark.  The similarities are obvious because, um, it's the same photo. But they do still have different feels to them, so the question is, as always:
Which one did it better?

Last Week on FFO:  Two covers for the upcoming apocalypsies release by Zoraida C√≥rdova, The Vicious Deep, went head to head, with the, um, head winning.
People did think the trident cover (which is the final cover, it seems) does have a broader appeal, and is probably more suited to a book with a male narrator.  But the fact was most of us found it plain and generic, where the face cover has a lot of subtle by awesome things going on. (Though a number of you did mention that you weren't fans of either.)
Winnah ------>


  1. They both have certain things going for the but the closeup is too much for me. I'll go with Temptation of Angels.

  2. Ok, these folks need to stop using stock photography because, uhm...it's a bit obvious, lol.

    I'm personally leaning toward SECRETS AFTER DARK. I don't mind the smoke effect in TEMPTATION but I tend to be more attracted to more vibrant colors. I also like that font better.


  3. First off I hate the picture because I really don't want to see up anyone's nose. However, I like A Temptation of Angels more because since it's zoomed out you can see more of her cloak and hair. I also like her blue/purple eyes. (though I like the font of Secrets after Dark...)

  4. Temptations. I like both but this one just has a better overall finish and feel for me.

  5. Secret After Dark it has an almost 3D effect and the colors are more vivid.

  6. I find the image of the model to be kind of creepy. Like she's made of plastic. Though, I'm sure it's because there was some airbrushing going on in the original image. But, it actually kind of turns me off to both covers! If I had to choose, I'd go with Secrets After Dark. And my thoughts are similar to Book Soulmate's! I don't dislike the smokey effect of Temptation of Angels, I'm just a fan of the hot pink and the style of the font. It looks hip and elegant at the same time!

    - Jackie

  7. I'm kind of partial to A Temptation of Angels. Secrets of the Dark's cover is kind of boring compared to all the detail of the other one.

  8. As promised to let you know: http://www.zoraidawrites.com/2012/02/vicious-deep-arc-giveway.html

    ~Z :)

  9. Temptations of Angels looks better. I think it depends on how the covers are relevant to the story.

  10. I like Secrets After Dark better overall, but I prefer the font in A Temptation of Angels.

  11. Well I like Temptation of angels because it has that smoky effect and it makes it feel more antique and adventurous. But I also like Secrets after dark because it shows the girl in focus and I like the font.

    P.S. Could you please comment on this post: http://inabookshelf.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/youll-get-infected/

    It would mean a lot to me. Thanks!


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