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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Open Call: Helluva Halloween II

Alrighty, October is a-creepin' up, and I am starting to get geeked about Helluva Halloween II.  Last year, it was just an excuse to read and review as many Halloween-y books as I possibly could, but after Jane in June, I realized it could be so much more than that.
So my goal this year is to model it after JnJ a bit and have as much spooktacular stuff going on as I possibly can.  I'm going to do my best to round up some great giveaways and awesome bits for you, as well as reviewing some fantastically spooky things.  But here's where you come in.  Same as Jane in June, I am welcoming guest posts (all sorts), features, giveaways, and whatever delicious creepiness you can come up with.  There will be a link-up page for any HHII randomness you may write up and want to share.  But if you want to get more involved and be featured, then I welcome your participation in a number of ways.

I'm thinking:
  • Guest reviews on your favorite Halloween reads, movies, etc
  • Featurettes on various Halloween things, like what gives you the creeps, your best Halloween costumes, etc
  • Halloween Mad-Libs participants (more on that to come...)
  • "It was a dark and stormy night..." chain story participants (more on this as well...)
  • Halloween Craft-off (you get the drill ^...)
  • [insert your ideas here]

    So if you want to get involved, think it over, come up with an idea of what you'd like to do,  and then fill out this form and let me know!
    If you want to guarantee yourself a spot on the line-up, as well as a chance at a neato prize pack, I will need your post no later than September 24th (don't stress, that gives you nearly 2 months); sorry for the deadline, but I have to do it to keep everything in order and have it ready to go, as well as to have as little time spent tracking people down.  I promise it will be worth it.

    Also, I'm debating whether or not to make a new HH button.  Here is last years, tell me what you think.  Personally, I've grown fond of the witches, but should I go for something new?

    All thoughts, comments, and recommendations are welcome, and I hope you'll join me for some Halloweeny fun.  Even if only to say the word "Halloweeny".  Try it.  It's fun.  I'll wait.

    Told ya.

    Lastly, please note: everything in HHII is not going to be scary, necessarily.  You can post about something simply supernatural or paranormal as well.
    (So no worries, all you scaredy cats!)


    1. I think I would love doing some of this I'll have to figure out what but I'll be sure to sign up as soon as I have an idea of what I wanna do thanks!

    2. CAN'T WAIT !!:) I signed up. :)

    3. I like your button :)

      I'll try to turn my brain on to get thinking and sign up one of these days :)

    4. I am super pumped for this! I love Halloween and everything associated with it! I'm signing up for sure - just have to decide what!

      I shared a link to this at Kate's Library...

    5. Sounds like lots of fun! I'll have a think and sign up if I have any success with that :)

    6. Oh -

      I am enjoying the button with the witches...

    7. I'm so looking forward to this. I love October and all things scary. I filled out the form to do a featurette if you're interested but the screen timed out. I didn't want to repeat though if you got it.

    8. Love that button!!! October is my favorite month, so I've spent a bit of time thinking about what I could contribute --- just filled out the form. :)

    9. Halloween is my favorite holiday!!! I still dress up every year as a witch (people tell me it suits my personality). I would love to participate in some way! Thanks.

    10. This sounds like tons of fun! I love the witches button too.

    11. I've been waiting for this! I will becoming out of my blog hiding of schoolwork for more participation in Helluva Halloween II!!!!! Yeah!!!! I still love the witches! But if you want to change it, I know you'll come up with something creepy and scary!

    12. @gofita: YAY!!!

      And I think we're officially stickin' with the witches, folks. :)

    13. thar be ghosts and weres on me site fer ye


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