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Sunday, July 11, 2010

In My Mailbox: June: ALA edition

Alright, here's the crazy ALA edition of IMM (you all know who this is hosted by, right?  Moving on.)  I got other stuff this month too, but between all the crazy, I can't really recall what, so there is just a fraction of the non-ALA listed at the bottom.

Note: I tried stacking these in one tower -- it was catastophic.  I realized when I finished restacking that it could never have worked anyway -- it would have gone past the ceiling... Also note: according to color. You get a little preview of what it will (eventually) look like on my shelves.

In Alphabetical Order (Title)
Ares Rising, Bonnie Hearn Hill
Banished, Sophie Littlefield
Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garica and Margaret Stohl (signed)
Beautiful Darkness, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (signed)
(2x) Beautiful Malice, Rebecca James
Blindsided, Priscilla Cummings
A Blue So Dark, Holly Schindler
Boneshaker, Cherie Priest
Brave Girl Eating, Harriet Brown
The Candymakers, Wendy Mass
Catalyst, Laurie Halse Anderson (signed)
The Comet's Curse, Dom Testa
Countdown, Deborah Wiles (signed)
The Danger Box, Balliett
Dark Peril, Christine Feehan
The Dark Rose, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
(2x) Dark Song, Gail Giles
The Dead Boys, Royce Buckingham
End of Days, Max Turner
Eternal Ones, Kirsten Miller
(2x) Extraordinary, Nancy Werlin (1 signed)
Fear, Stine (anthology)
Firelight, Sophie Jordan
For the Win, Cory Doctorow
Halo, Alexandra Adornetto
Handling Sin, Mitchell Malone
Heart of a Samurai, Margi Preus
Hero, Mike Lupica
The House of Dead Maids, Clare B. Dunkle
The Goblin Gate, Hilari Bell
I Am J, Cris Beam
Ink Exchange, Melissa Marr (signed)
Inside Out, Maria V. Snyder
(2x) Kill the Dead, Richard Kadrey
Kiss Me Deadly,(anthology)
The Kneebone Boy, Ellen Potter
Lament, Maggie Stiefvater
The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet, Myrlin A. Hermes
The Magnificent Twelve, Michael Grant
The Marbury Lens, Andrew Smith
Matched, Ally Condie (signed)
Merlin's Dragon, L.A. Barron
Monsters of Men, Patrick Ness
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Abigail Reynolds (<-- ! For JnJ2!)
(2x) My Soul to Keep, Rachel Vincent
Nerds: Book 2, Michael Buckley
Nightshade, Andrea Cremer (signed)
The Painted Boy, Charles de Lint
Personal Demons, Lisa Desrochers
A Plain and Simple Christmas, Amy Clipston(signed)
(2x) Plain Kate, Erin Bow (1 signed)
Princess of Glass, Jessica Day George (signed)
Ranger's Apprentice, John Flanagan
Rat Girl, Kristin Hersh
The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff
Sapphique, Catherine Fisher
Savvy, Ingrid Law
Scars, Cheryl Rainfield (signed)
Scumble, Ingrid Law
The Search for Wondla, Toni diTerlizzi (signed)
Secret of Ka, Christopher Pike
(2X) Shift, Rachel Vincent
Sir Seth Thistlethwaite and the Soothsayer's Shoes, Richard Thake
Smudge's Mark, Claudia Osmond
Solitary: Escape From the Furnace 2, Alexander Gordon Smith
The Sorceror of Sainte Felice, Ann Finnin
Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson (signed)
Selling Hope, Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
Spy Glass, Maria V. Snyder
Stolen, Lucy Christopher (signed)
Taurus Eyes, Bonnie Hearn Hill
Thirteen Orphans, Jane Lindskold
Timothy and the Dragon's Gate, Adrienne Kress
Two Moon Princess, Fredereiro Esteban
Up From the Blue, Susan Henderson
Vanishing and Other Stories, Deborah Willis
Vestments, John Reimringer
Violence 101, Denis Wright
The Wake of Lorelai Lee, L.A. Meyer
Waking the Witch, Kelley Armstrong
Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson
(2x) What the World is Reading (Penguin Sampler)
Will, Maria Boyd
Will Grayson, Will Grayson, John Green and David Levithan (signed)
Wintergirls, Laurie Halse Anderson (signed)
You, Charles Benoit
You Killed Wesley Paine, Sean Beaudoin
tons and tons of swag

Here's my super shaky video of the books so you can see the covers.  I had to lay them out in the hall, and by the time I was done, there wasn't really room to walk, so this is what happens when I take a video walking on my tiptoes...

For Review:
The Unidentified, Rae Mariz
Manifest, Artist Arthur
Random Magic, Sasha Soren (came with tea, chocolate, and a green rubber ducky.  It was a very happy-making package)

For sheer loveliness:
my very own fairy from vvb along with a host of other goodies that I can't recall at the moment...

And yes, it's a pretty safe bet that the doubles I have are going to end up in the prize pool I keep dangling over your head.  One of these days, I will have both the time and ambition to sort through my monstrosity of books and throw some into the pool.  Someday.


  1. Wow! It's like Christmas in July. You got so many amazing books, but out of all of those I so desperately want The House of Dead Maids. Enjoy all your awesome books!

  2. Nice haul! I didn't realize you were at ALA...I was too! I hope you had fun. *grin* Well, judging by the books, I assume you did!

  3. Eeeek! Those look awesome! Hope you enjoy reading for the rest of the week...err..eternity! I'll be keeping an eye out for your reviews!

  4. WOW! A BIG WOW! It's insane! I'm pretty much you got more books at ALA than what I have on my bookshelves! I wish I could lived near and could go, too. I do hope you enjoy all of them! :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of books! A lot of them sound really good too! (So jealous!) Hope you enjoy them all! ^_^

  7. Wow am I jealous! Those stacks are beautiful! Sigh...

  8. What an amazing haul. You'll need a new book case just to house them all. Enjoy!

  9. Misty, please dont make a police report if find out all of them missing by midnight.It will be safely stacked on my bookshelf! LOL

  10. Oh My...wow...I think I would be in heaven and anxiety ridden at the same time. So many lovelies to choose from!!

    Check out our Mailbox at BookSake.

  11. What a wonderful group of books! I just have to get to the ALA convention one of these years. My mailboxes are here and here. Happy reading!

  12. I am so jealous, that is one amazing haul. I need to get to one of these conferences next year!

  13. Yay for all of those books. I'm so jealous!

  14. Oh wow! Thats one nice pile of books. ^^

  15. You could start your own library with all those books ;)

    Hope you enjoy them all!

  16. OMGosh!!! Happy reading, you'll be doing a mass amount of it!

  17. What an amazing list! Have fun reading for a long, long time. ;]

  18. I didn't think Beautiful Darkness was out yet! You lucky duck! I would kill to have half of those books!

  19. It's not out yet. Most of what I got are ARCs.

  20. Oh-my-Sweet Lord, Misty, just how many books did you get?!

  21. Holy piles of books Batman! That is some excellent haul you got there missy :) Oh, and I've been meaning to write to you to tell you I got you a signed copy of Marbury Lens, signed to you :)

  22. You have Scumble!!! I hate you! And was that Half World I saw near the middle in the top row. I'm looking forward to that one, too.

  23. For little ole me? =D (<-- big happy face!)

    And Scumble was one of my big scores. I think it may have been my happiest moment, just because it was completely unexpected. There were books I was looking for and expecting, and Scumble wasn't one of them. I didn't think it was due out any time soon, and I loved Savvy. Big happytime.

  24. I'm about to cry!!! Like, total tearage going on here. Dare I say I totally despise you? No, I wouldn't dare, but I suuuurre would love to. Just color me envy green with some sinful black to match!

    Bah! Whatever. Enjoy your books! XD And if you don't enjoy them, send them to me, for heaven's sake! Any person who gets an ARC of "Beautiful Darkness" should send it to MOI if they have a heart!! XD

    Alright. Craziness has died down...a little.

    Happy reading!! *moans in agony*

    -Amelia XD
    (for my own safety, you should probably completely ignore this post. XD)

  25. what, whoa, marbury lens! eek. me wanna read that one. loves the cover.


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