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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A few more Halloween Goodies

I've been meaning to post these for, um, ever, so that I could show them to Donna at Bites for her Halloween contest/madness. But I am a procrastinator, so here they are:

I can't draw out of my head, I have to have something to look at, so --
this is a picture of a stone cemetery angel which I found in the book Hell House, and which I found creepy, and had to (try to) draw

and this is a page from the (so cute) book Cinderella Skeleton. I have drawn other pages from this book in the past, I just love it so much. Isn't she darling?

Lastly, this is .... me, I'll admit it. I was Captain Sally Goldwench. And my neighbor had just given me a thank you gift, so I am holding silicon bakeware. Very pirate chic.

Well, Donna, there's my proof* that I got my creative on. And now have shared it with the world. Oh, man.

*Are we on the honor system? Should I have taken pictures of me holding my drawings?


  1. so cooool! love your twirly mustachio! happy halloween to ya!

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  3. Brilliant photo! I love it. It made me smile. You go girl!


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