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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Year of Books from Better World Books

Every book lover I meet I tell about Better World Books. They are my go to source for books because:
  • They have a huge selection, new and used
  • The used books are donated and gathered from lilbraries, colleges and book drives, saving TONS of books from going to landfills
  • Their prices are great, their shipping is FREE in the US and 3.97 flat rate worldwide. That makes me very happy
  • Best of all, portions of their proceeds go to fund literacy programs the world over. I get to read for cheap and help someone else learn to? Favorite. Booksellers. Ever.
So, to cement their favoriteness in the hearts of their customers, they are having a contest now (which I learned about by following them on Facebook), where if you become a Twitter follower and tweet their contest, you will be entered to win a YEAR OF BOOKS. The winner gets a $20 gift certificate each month for a year. Now, with that you could buy a new book every month and have some $$ left over, or you could save the world a bit, dig through their Bargain Bin section like I do, where things are often 5 for $15, and get 80 FREE BOOKS in one year.

So since I am just darling, instead of keeping this all to myself, I am deciding to share it with the world (the world right now being a whopping 3 followers -- thanks guys!), but I will spread it around elsewhere to, and you can join my in trying to win a couple bokoshelves worth of free stuff.

Go here.

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