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Friday, July 31, 2009

Review: Kaoru Mori's Emma

This is the latest in the Emma series, a manga about a victorian-era maid. One of these days, likely after the 10th and final volume comes out, I'll post on the whole series (which I adore). Here's my GR review, plus a little goody just for you!

Emma Vol. 9 Emma Vol. 9 by Kaoru Mori

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This volume continues to present side stories of the peripheral characters of Emma, among them Erich and his squirrel, the Merediths and their maids, and a trio of opera singers, as well as the story of how William met Hakim.
I almost rated this a 4, simply because it's harder to absolutely love a series of side stories instead of the orig. chronicles of Emma. But the fact is, I love this world. Kaoru Mori is so attuned to her characters and the details. She can tell a story with no words for many panels (sometimes pages) and still keep it clear and entertaining. Her attention to detail amazes me, and her ability to inject subtle humor and outright cuteness. She could manga-up the phonebook and make it intricate and fun for me. And of course, her silly afterword manga is perfect as always. Sometimes I think, as much as I love the books, I love her afterword manga more.
I was very disappointed to find out that there is only one more volume and then she's done with Emma. Don't know what I'll do with myself. Think I'm going to have to move on to Shirley Volume 1.

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What didn't go in my Goodreads review:

For those of you who have read any of the Emma series, you may be familiar with the Merediths, and if so, you know that they tend to find themselves in *ahem* adult situations. This installment of the Merediths' story does not disappoint. (woo hoo Victorian manga smut-like awesomeness!)

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  1. This isn't a book I'll be picking up. I'm just not a fan of Manga, it's not my thing. However, you do make me tempted. I guess you'd have to be pretty talented to be able to keep the reader's interest without words. That's pretty nifty. Great review!


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