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Monday, March 22, 2021

New Bookish Goals

 Well, hello there! 

I'm gonna skip the usual spiel about how I've been gone for awhile, but am going to try to repreioritize this blog and post more regularly. I mean, I am, but you know... no promises. 

That said, try to hold me to it! For now, I'm intending to have 1 new video and 1 new blog post every week, and I'm open to suggestions on what you'd like to see -- but I'm so very out of the habit that I'll likely forget here and there. Feel free to remind me! Forcefully!

I guess that was a little bit of The Spiel. But for today, let's go ahead and get back into the swing of things with a look at my  bookish goals for the not-so-new year. 


  1. LOL, no worries. You wouldn't be the first person to need some time away from the blog and take a bit of extra time to get goals lined up. Welcome back, Misty!

    1. I mean, it's good to take breaks, but I took A BREAK. Almost 6 months!! Lol

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