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Friday, February 8, 2019

FEBRUARY TBR + "Books of Chance" (??) Game!

I mention a few times in this that I'm giving up ARCs -- I WILL have a video about that decision soon, and what it means going forward, soon!

In this video, I do a little mini-game to choose one of the books, using a D-12.
Also, if you want to see me do TBR games every month / in the future, let me know in the comments!




  1. Song of a Whale piqued my interest. I'm not generally an MG reader, but I might have to for that one.
    I think that is a great idea for going to no ARCs. They really do make it hard to read what is already on the shelf. I've cut way back what I take now and I am much happier that I can read more from the library and my own shelves.
    Fun how you roll the dice to pick from a list so you don't have to agonize over a choice. I could see that working with my Excel spreadsheet booklist since I have numbered lines... hmm, I'll have to give that some thought. Thanks for the idea, Misty!

  2. I hear good things about The Beast Player and Last of Her Name...can't wait to see what you think of those. And Song for a Whale because that sounds amazing and heartbreaking. As Howl's Moving Castle is *ahem*.

    I do love that you gamified the decision making. I've done a random number generator to grab my next read (one roll for title first letter, one roll for book position within that section), and also relied on total strangers on a Goodreads group (they have a "pick my next read" thing every month).

    My biggest audiobook recommendation is always going to be the Gentleman Bastard series, because the narrator does *such* a good job of it. I also have a soft spot for audiobooks set in the UK, Australia, or anywhere outside the US that has a cool accent. :D Might I suggest Outlander?

    And yes please to more gaming your TBR!
    Good luck and happy reading!

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