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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

30 Day Book Binge (7) FREE PRINTABLES!

In case you missed my announcement (and in case you missed this challenge entirely -- where have you been the last year and a half?!), today begins the 7th round of the 30 Day Book Binge!

This is basically the book blogosphere's most chill reading challenge:
I don't care what you read;
I don't care how much you read;
I don't care what time of day you read, or how you read (or listen);
All I care about is that you read.
The goal of the 30 Day Book Binge is to build a daily reading habit, and we do that by, well, reading daily. Go figure.
(And trust me when I say, it works. After a number of slump, slogging-through-it years, I read 365 days last year, and I credit it entirely with this challenge.)

To participate in the challenge, you commit to reading something — anything — for 30 straight days. What you read is up to you (I strongly suggest a mix of things you want to read, things you need to read, and things that are easy to squeeze in on tired days, like comics or audiobooks). You can two birds, one stone is and combine this with other challenges, and you can also get (and provide!) and additional boost of motivation by chatting along / sharing you progress / encouraging others on social media with the hashtag #30DayBookBinge.

But all of that is entirely up to you. All that matters is that you want to take on the challenge, and you're willing to start somewhere. No pressure. No points or demerits or people calling you out if you don't succeed. Just a willingness to read, and a stack of books to choose from!

And of course, as always, I offer up some freebies in the form of printables to jumpstart your challenge and give you a little added motivation. This month's printables are simple and clean with a bit of New Years glitz, and are all about encouraging you to hit your goals. It includes a January calendar and a trio of bookmarks, one of which allows you to check off your reading every day!

You can access the free printables here, or by visiting http://bit.ly/30DBBprintables, and then print or save them to use at your discretion. 

There may be more printables this month, but I'm just not sure what, so if you have ideas or requests, let me know in the comments! Also, I know sometimes a Monday-start calendar is requested of me, so if you want me to make a second version of the calendar, let me know!

Hope to see you on the hashtag, but either way, here's to a good month (and year!) of reading!

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