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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Holiday YA* Book-Giving Gift Guide: The Special Stuff

*Fair warning, this post contains affiliate links, because of course it does. Thanks for helping support this blog!*

I know there are a million gift guides out there every year, and maybe you don't feel like you need another one, but when it comes to the cast and varied world of books, there can never be too many suggestions or recommendations, IMO. So every year I mean to give you a gift guide of my recs, but this year, I'm actually doing it.
And I'm starting off with the good stuff.

Alright, it's all gonna be good stuff. 
But this list features the most giftable of the young adult and middle grade goods, being boxed sets and special editions. The things that make a reader ooh and ahh.


And so:
There's another Harry Potter boxed set, because of course there is. Did that sound bitter? Because I'm not bitter. My wallet is bitter, but I'm not bitter. But it's actually a pretty great deal, especially for a Big Impressive Gift, and the box design is aces.
(The beautiful set that I have, that tells me I don't need another, is marked down, btw.)

Gifters may also be interested in: the illustrated HP boxed set, the Percy Jackson series set (fantastic deal!), the Artemis Fowl set, the Land of Stories, or the good old fashioned Chronic(what!)cles of Narnia


If the kid (or adult human) you're buying for is a little smartypants, they might enjoy the Mysterious Benedict Society books, or if they're a little more whimsical, they might just love this Wildwood Chronicles set (so beautiful! And such a steal!)

I came across a few new-to-me sets in my endless browsing that have since been added to my own look-into list, among them, The Wild Robot (oh! such a beautiful design)

Did you really think I wouldn't be recommending the Zita the Spacegirl boxed set? I will never stop singing the praises of these books.

Gifters might also be interested in: the Amulet series set, the Last Kids on Earth set, the Olympians set, or for those still Pokemon Go -obsessed, the Pokemon set.


For the voracious reader, there's a 13-book Lemony Snicket set, 15-book Roald Dahl set, a 25-book set of Magic Treehouse books (!), and a set of newly-released Babysitter's Club books, which, while a mere six books, it also comes in a retro tin (the nostalgia!)

Also, before I move onto YA, I don't know if anyone in the younger crowd reads Nancy Drew anymore, but shout out to this gorgeously designed box set.

FOR THE YA CROWD, there is a ton of stuff out there. A ton.
So I'll save all the preamble and just share with you a few of the crowd-pleasers, personal recommendations, and deals to good to pass up.


Maybe you don't want a whole damn box full of heavy books to gift (or $end) this year, but just one super-impressive special edition of something, well... special.

You can't tell, but that copy of THUG is shiny, shiny goooold. And, okay, I suppose the John Green set could rightly go in the box sets category, and you're probably wondering, 'Misty, why did you put that here?' But that little box of books is a little box of books -- they're mini! They feature the complete text, on ultra-thin paper and teeny enough to fit in a pocket or stocking, so, special enough for the "special" section, I think.)

Make sure to check back soon for my list of personal recommendations for this year; the things I like, the things I want... It also, not coincidentally, features a bit of a sneak peek at my Best of 2018 list, tbh (but since that won't be out in time for all of your gift-giving needs, I figured I'd better get a good word in there for a bunch of those lovely books — and then some — while I can).


  1. I think what I really need now is clickable links to all the bookshelves I'm going to need..... :D

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