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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Austen in August Post-Event Survey

And there you have it, my darlings! Austen in August has come to a close yet again!
I kind of can't believe it, because as much work as it is, this year flew by! I hope you all enjoyed yourself, and I hope you all found some new authors and works to dig into — don't forget, you can still enter to win all kinds of things; all of the Austen in August giveaways are open until midnight on September 7th!

I want to send out a big blanket THANK YOU to all of the amazing authors, bloggers and Janeites who were involved in this year's event! I couldn't do it without all of you, and even if I could, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting or fun! This includes all of YOU reading this, commenting on posts, sharing thoughts on twitter, snapping pics on insta -- you all helped make this what it is, too!

Before I let you go, I have one more thing I'd like to ask of you: I've made a survey to gather your feedback on this year, and see where you'd like me to go next year (our 10th anniversary!!). If you have a spare minute, please fill out the form below and let me know what you liked, what you didn't, and what you'd like to see!

Thank you all again, and until next time, READ MORE AUSTEN!

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1 comment:

  1. This year was a wonderful AiA and there are lots of people who made it so, but none worked harder than Misty and I thank you much for all the time and effort.


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