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Sunday, July 1, 2018


The 5th round of the 30 Day Book Binge has begun in earnest, and with it comes a brand new set of FREE printables!
In this round’s offerings, you’ll find old standbys like a daily tracker, a weekly log, and a monthly wrap-up, as well as a brand new hand-sketched July calendar and three new printable bookmarks, all on a succulents & houseplants theme!
These are great for all you bujo-ers out there, but even if you’re not the tracking type, anyone can use a bookmark, right?You can get a preview of the printables below, and when you’re ready, hop over to the 30DBB folder and download or print one or all of the printables for free!


Let me know your thoughts on the printables in the comments! And if you find the July calendar too busy for your actual use, let me know, and I’ll upload a clean version, without the doodles in the background of the actual day boxes. Just because I love you like that. 😘

Don’t forget to hop over to the #30DayBookBinge printable folder and download your free printables before they’re gone!


  1. omg your bookmarks make me wish i had a printer! I love the houseplant theme. I'm curious, how do you use the monthly calendar? Do you cross off the days you read? It's the main printable I use (on my computer) but I use it like the reading log and type what I read each day into the boxes (and add a star if I read 100+ pages lol). I was worried the boxes might be a little small but it works fine since I can zoom in on my computer. I just can't fit pictures of the covers like I did on the first book binge calendar.


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