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Thursday, June 1, 2017


Special appearance by some very cute kitties, so... you're welcome.
Also, I'm purple again. (yay!)

Let me know your recommendations in the comments; I'm compiling a list...

Something Rotten
The Well of Lost Plots
In the Woods
The Orchardist
The Assassin's Blade
Eden Summer
The Innocence Treatment
The Equals
The Wicker King
Renegades sampler
First Second sampler


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video, though some of these books (as mentioned) were sent to me for honest review consideration.
Thanks, Fierce Reads team!


  1. I did not know about Berserker, but yeah a western-Norse mash has appeal.

    Library sales get me b/c I can totally justify dimes and quarters when I swear I need no more books. :)

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  3. Yay for irridescent purple hair! And Hallmark-age kitties! Oh, I love a good book sale but I have to avoid them like the plague now, because I will just buy all the things. How do you exercise such self control?
    I loved In The Woods- I hope you do, too! It's creepy and fantastic.

    I'm glad you didn't say no to the Fierce Reads offer because it means *I* get to hear about cool new books (like Beserker- yay mythology!) from one of the few book bloggers whose opinion I trust and whose taste is close enough to mine that I read all her recommendations.

    I'm actually planning on building a TARDIS bookshelf next year (wish I could do it now, but the wedding and ongoing health issues have basically hijacked my life until November). The only bad thing is....it's not actually bigger on the inside (d'oh!). :/
    What about wall shelves you can put on walls that can't fit a bookcase (like above your bed, or below the window)?

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