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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recent Comic Reads | Review

There was a little more of a delay on this video than I had hoped, but hey: that means more books! Here are some of the comics and graphic novels I've read recently, and my thoughts on them. I've had a few more that were such duds, I didn't even bother finishing them, so... I need all your best comic/graphic novel recommendations, please!

And let me know your requests and ideas for the next/future BOOK CHAT videos!

Spill Zone
Saga, vol 7
Bitch Planet
Wolf, vol 1
The Discipline


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video; none of these books were PR samples except for SPILL ZONE, which was sent to me for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are honest, and my own. (Clearly, since there was a fair amount of negative here...)


  1. I was curious about Spill Zone after seeing the big ads on GoodReads for it and reading the reviews. Glad to get your thoughts. Ah yes, Saga... really need to start that at some point.

  2. Will have to check out Bitch Planet!

  3. Ahhh yeah, I loved SPILL ZONE. I can see the buzz happening - I think that's mostly because this title has universal potential (and isn't it pretty?!).

    p.s. I never watch videos (I kinda hate them), but yours was cute!

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