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Friday, October 2, 2015

Makeup Book Tag | #TagWeek

Sorry for the delay in Tag Week, guys! I was having technicaly difficulties and couldn't upload, BUT ANYWAY, onto today's tag! Day 4 of Tag Week brings us a combo-version of the Makeup Book Tag.
I was tagged by LizzzzzzZ and the tags were created seperately by Beth Anne & lifeloveandbooks.

More tags!
Betwixt review

(I picked only those that interested me from each tag, and combined them into one)
Questions from Beth Anne:
1. FOUNDATION: pick your favourite book that is the first book in a series
2. EYESHADOW: pick a book that has your favourite colours on the cover
3. EYELINER: pick a dark & mysterious book
4. MASCARA: pick a loooooong book
5. BLUSH: pick a book that had some cringe-worthy romance
6. LIPSTICK: your favourite book kiss
7. FINISHING POWDER: pick your favourite book that is the last book in a series

Questions from lifeloveandbooks:
Acne Remover- What book would you "remove" from your memory?
Moisturizer- What book "covers all" of the things you look for in a book?
Eyebrow Pencil- What novella really "filled in the gaps" that the novels left?
Eye Primer- What is your favorite world "building"?
Eyeshadow- A book cover that perfectly reflects the book, and a book that does not
Eyeliner- A book that took you a few tries to get into?
Lash Primer- The "longest" book on your shelf?
Mascara- Your favorite villain?
Bronzer- A "highlight" of your reading career?
Lip Stain- A book that "stained" you?
Lipstick- A fun story about a book that has nothing to do with the actual book

MUSIC: "Sleepy Jake" by Silent Partner, from Youtube Creator Library lifeloveandbooks   Beth Anne


  1. Fun match up of make-up and books! Some of those are easy to think up answers, but some I would have no idea which to pick. I have not read the Dark Towers series, but its on the list of future reads. Glad it was worthy of two tags.

    1. Yeah, there were some questions I struggled with, or outright skipped. (A book that stained you?!?) lol!

  2. I just re-read Poison Study yesterday!!!! For some reason I never read the rest of the series but I am fixing that now because I just started Magic Study!!!! I will have to check out The Dark Towers Series I haven't ever read it!!!

    1. I like the rest of the series, and the spin-off, but Poison Study is definitely the best and will always stand out. I am very excited, though, to hear that she's releasing new books in the PS storyline! =D


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