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Friday, May 15, 2015

The Vlog #9: Ice Cream and Murder!

So, the first time I uploaded this, I forgot to actually finish editing it and adding in music. Kiiiiinda a crucial element, yeah? I'd say I was jetlagged from my trip, but I was in the same time zone... ;)
Also, sorry this one's up so late in the month! That one I definitely blame on my trip out of town, because I didn't have time to edit it before I left. It's up so late, in fact, that the next video will be the first of the May vlogs! Back to back vlogs, but what can I say: FUN THINGS were happening. =D

Thanks for watching / liking / commenting!


  1. I hope your trip was awesometimes! I love flying on planes, partly because of the thrill of takeoff (less the thrill of landing).

    The dog ice cream is fantastic- I'm never seen anything like that. What's it made out of??

    I hope you're fully over whatever knocked your health down. In the future, maybe kitties can translate for you so you don't have to talk so much. Or hold up cue cards instead? :/

    Congrats on solving the murder! I'm sorry the other team cheated (boo!), but you're totally on the Miss Marple corner, so well done there.

    And yay for you looking and sounding like you feel better. Also for more beautiful sunny days in your 'hood. Long may they continue!

    1. The descent coming back into Detroit was TERRRRRRRRRIBLE. THe landing itself was fine, but the descent... I seriously thought I was going to throw up for about 20 minutes, EVEN WITH having taken dramamine. UGH.


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