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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Face Off: PAWN vs LEGEND

The following two books are by no means cover twins, but when I recently  saw the cover for Aimee Carter's Pawn (gray background, central maze-like circle as a focal point), it immediately brought to mind another book - Marie Lu's Legend. I think both are striking in that simple, iconic way, and though Aimee's a fellow Michigander, I'm not going to let that bias me (I've actually met both ladies, and both were lovely) - so I'm leaving it up to you! Take a look at the two covers below and let me know your thoughts. Are they close enough for cover twins? Which has you more intrigued about the story? Which would you reach for first?
Which one did it better?

Last Week on FFO: The original (Level 2) and overhauled (The Memory of After) versions of Lenore Appelhans' The Memory Chronicles books went head to head and . . . you guys were pretty torn, to be honest. You liked the titles of the updated versions, but thought the covers were a little "romancey" (though still very pretty), and you wished for a more sci-fi, edgy look with the intriguing new titles. In the end, it was a rare tie - and because I agree with you, I can't even break break the split vote!


  1. while they are quite similair, i do love teh cover for pawn, but i'm really not a fan of the cover for legend. I don't like the gold/silver combination and the sort of 3d look of the gold parts (not sure how to explain, i hope you understand what i mean)

  2. All though Legend has a pretty cover Pawn just catches your eye. The gray and the bright blue just work really well it gives it that pop that it needs to draw your attention.

  3. I prefer Pawn. The stone-like texture, the intricacy of the maze design, and the little pawn symbol in the upper right corner all work for me, though I could have done without the eye trying to peek through the center.
    The shiny starkness of Legend doesn't do it as well for me.

  4. I think Pawn is more attractive overall - I agree with the above comments. The silver-with-gold combo just doesn't do it for me. But grey-with-blue? Yes please.

  5. I like the cover for Pawn better- a cover with texture always wins, for me. Especially when it involves layers, like that. Legend has some sort of symbol on it that must have to do with the plot, which I'm unfamiliar with- and that kind of unrecognizable symbol is a turn-off, for me. It makes me feel like I'm missing out on some inside reference.


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