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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 10 Most Frustrating Characters!!

No, this is not a day late. I posted it on YT yesterday, but I didn't want to post it here yesterday because I didn't want to take away from the Scarlet-ness.

I've been wanting to do a Top Ten Tuesday vlog for awhile now, and this week's topic made for the perfect time to join in, since this is something I've been talking about a bit lately*.
If you want to check out Top Ten Tuesday for yourself, or link your own blog/vlog up, check out this week's post at The Broke and the Bookish!

*I asked everyone on Goodreads what their LEAST favorite book is, and we've been talking it over the last couple weeks, which has already got my mind primed for this Top Ten - couldn't pass it up!
That conversation is here.


  1. Yes, love it Misty, I hope you do more of these! I think the most frustrating for me in recent memory is Celaena from Throne of Glass who is so caught up in wanting to look pretty and get invited to parties that she doesn't really think about the fact that the cutey she's crushing on threw her a death camp for 3 years...among other things.

  2. Oooh, yeah, I definitely remember Nora. I think she was the principal reason for me not continuing that series. She's just...ridiculous is the only word for it.

    Haha, I was the same with Fanny Price. But I can kind of see the reasons for that, though. Her position is always emphasized to her (especially by Aunt Norris) that she doesn't dare to cross the line. But she DOES stand up for herself - rejecting Henry's proposal was possibly the bravest thing she did. And she stuck with it, despite being sent back to Portsmouth.

  3. Hey! Holden is one of my favourite characters. I really like him and he reminds of me when I was a teenager. Are you saying I was frustrating at that age? :O Just kidding ;)

  4. I loved this I totally agree with Luce from Fallen she totally drove me nuts. I agree with Lena from Delirium as well but I loved her in Pandemonium I thought she grew so much as a character. I actually liked nora in Hush, Hush but I couldn't stand her in crescendo. I have to admit that Bella drove me nuts in Blue Moon I think she was just stupid I liked her in the rest of the books though. Probably one of my least favorite characters from a book would have to be Jordan from Catching Jordan. She pretty much let everyone else decide everything in her life and she would sleep with one guy then be trying to kiss someone else the next day and I just couldn't stand her or the book really.

  5. Thanks, guys! It was fun! And it's such a great format for something like this, so I think I'll definitely do more in future.

    Heidi - "she doesn't really think about the fact that the cutey she's crushing on threw her a death camp for 3 years..." O_O For realsies? Hmm, the book is on my wishlist, but that gives me pause...

    Lady D - I know all the reasons that Fanny couldn't help being anyone other than who she is...but that doesn't help me like her any better. I do respect that she stands up for herself, ESPECIALLY against the imposing Sir Thomas, but I still struggle with her. I think Jane was wrong when she said she'd created in Emma a character nobody but her would love... she created it in FANNY.
    (BUT I'm hoping I'll change my mind this summer when I reread it for Jane in June.)

    Leela - Yep! You were a frustrating teenager. To be fair, though, who among us wasn't? The character that I feel most nailed being me as a teen was a total bitch, so...

    Bridget - everyone seems to agree that Lena grows a ton in book 2, so one of these days, when I'm feeling up to the potential disappointment, I might pick it up.

  6. I know you want to pour boiling hot water on some Hush, Hush character. = )

    *My #1 is Dolores Umbridge, from the Harry Potter series. And, here's my full list: http://vampirellaninguncesi.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/top-10-en-sinir-bozucu-karakterler/

    How could I forget her?!?!


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