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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Literary FESTIVE Tag

So, you may have noticed no Friday Face Off this week. I would like to claim it was intentional, but it was just holiday absent-mindedness. I figured, though, that I'd just run with it; since everyone's so busy right now,  voting would probably be low anyway.  (So if you want to vote on last week's Midwinterblood trailer Face Off, it'll be open for another week.)

But though I'm too scattered and in frenzied present-making mode to organize my thoughts for a review or five, I do have a backlog of videos to get out, and I figured I'd start with a seasonally appropriate one: the Literary Festive Tag. This was created by Renee, whose original tag you can see here.
It's pretty straight-forward; questions are below.

Feel free to leave your answers to any of the questions in the comments!

The Questions:
1. Name 5 books on your Christmas wishlist
2. A book you like to read/would like to read for the holiday season
3. Favourite Christmas book as a child
4. Which literary character do you think would give the best gifts?
5. If you could chose 3 literary characters to bestow gifts upon, who would they be, what would you give them, and why.
6. If you could give one character a lump of coal for being bad, who would it be?
7. Which Scrooge-like character do you think would be the biggest downer during the holiday season?
8. Invite 5 authors and 5 characters to a festive season party!


  1. Here's mine



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