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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TBR Tuesday: Without Tess

Most of us have books we've bought with all intentions of reading (or maybe just because it was cheap!), only to have them fade away on a shelf or disappear into a stack of books, never to be seen or thought of again.
TBR Tuesday is a way to talk about the books we own but haven't read, see what other people think about them, and help us decide whether to bump it up our list or knock it off completely.
[If you're more a book borrower than a book buyer, you're still welcome to participate with the books that you've been meaning to read and haven't!]

On my TBR

Without Tess by Marcella Pixley
Contemporary, 224 pages
Published October 11th 2011 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Tess and Lizzie are sisters, sisters as close as can be, who share a secret world filled with selkies, flying horses, and a girl who can transform into a wolf in the middle of the night. But when Lizzie is ready to grow up, Tess clings to their fantasies.
As Tess sinks deeper and deeper into her delusions, she decides that she can’t live in the real world any longer and leaves Lizzie and her family forever. Now, years later, Lizzie is in high school and struggling to understand what happened to her sister. With the help of a school psychologist and Tess’s battered journal, Lizzie searches for a way to finally let Tess go.

This one kind of makes me feel guilty.  It came in a surprise package of awesome, and was one of the most highly recommended things in the package. I was all gung-ho for it when I got it, but didn't have time - and then when I did have time, I hit a massive lazy streak and barely read anything.  Now, heading into 2 of my 3 big blog events of the year, I've got to begin my fairy tale reading and, shortly thereafter, my Austenesque reading.  As much as I love both, this leaves little room for anything else, and if I do read something else, I have to know that it's going to be something I'll devour.  All that means I don't really know when I'm going to be able to get to this one.  Thus the guilt.
Anyone read this one?  If so, did you love it enough to want to push it on me relentlessly?  Will this be one I tear through as a bit of a break in my scheduled reading, or is it a pace-yourself-and-absorb-it kind of read?

What's lingering on your TBR pile this week?


  1. Without Tess was one of my favorite reads of 2011. So amazing if you're a fan of YA contemporary.

  2. I'm quite curious about this one. Enjoy.

  3. Well you know how *I* feel about this one :) ::coughmustreadcough::

  4. I know! You're why I feel guilty. I was all ready to read it and have a review up before it came out, and yeah...that clearly didn't happen.
    *hangs head*


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