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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Face Off: Wander Dust v. Grounding Quinn

It's always so fascinating to me to see what cover designers make of a stock photo.  I love seeing how each party looks at one set picture and creates their own story and atmosphere.  Even though it kinda sucks for the author to have a stock photo on their book...
Anywho, hears another stock photo, and I'm sure this one crops up on more than just these two covers, since the sense of movement is great and it would probably work for a number of books.  For me, it all comes down to one simple thing: font choice.  But I'm curious how you feel about this one.  Either one make you want to pick up the book, or at least find out what it's about.   Let me know what you think:
Which one does it better?

Last Week on FFO:  The old and new covers for Lauren Oliver's Delirium went head to head, and surprisingly enough, neither one came out ahead.  Hahaha, get it.  Gosh, aren't I punny.  Anywhoodle, yeah, it was a tie.

Everyone's a winnah!


  1. I like grounding Quinn a little better, because I like that the model is 'closer' :)

  2. I like the Wander Dust cover better I think... I love the title fonts and "sparklies" near it.

  3. Wander Dust is more intriguing to me. Ooh sparklies and the what's with the city in the background?

  4. I like "Grounding Quinn" better. I usually go for color but I like the font and the clouds much better than the green sky and city. "Grounding Quinn" looks more sharp looking. If that makes sense.

  5. Misty, how will we manage when the e-books take over and there are no more covers to exclaim over? It's horrifying to contemplate!

  6. Definitely Wander Dust. The fount feels less overwrought, and I like how there seems to be some kind of sparkles following her.

    My problem with the Grounding Quinn cover is that her dress seems to nearly the same color as some of the clouds behind her. It's certainly pretty, but when put up next to the Wander Dust cover, not doing it for me.

  7. I like the Grounding Quinn better. It is clear and just grabs my eye more so than the other. Funny that they are so similar.

  8. I like the detail better on Ground quinn but the overall effect is better on the other one. Such a toss up. At first glance I think I'd go with Grounding Quinn.

  9. I like the Wander Dust one because there's more color contrast between her dress and the sky. And it has little sparklies in it Lol

  10. Wander Dust because of the bits of starry magical dust/stars.

  11. Grounding Quinn. It looks more realistic than Wander Dust. ;)

  12. I had to come back and look at this three separate times but I'm going to choose Wander Dust. Grounding Quinn looks out of balance - bottom heavy. The darker clouds and the stronger font seem to balance the field in Wander Dust. And I like that the model is receded (hi Ashley, hehe) and I like the city.

    I really wonder, though, especially in this case, what my choice would be if seen on the book instead of a backlit computer monitor.

  13. Ohh Grounding Quinn is the best for me. Everything's more clear. On the other cover it's a bit blurry. *shrug*
    I'd go for Grounding Quinn

  14. +JMJ+

    They're almost exactly alike! =( If I were either author, I would be sad.

    I'd probably pick up Wander Dust because of the title (I love stories with fantastic elements), but I think Grounding Quinn has the better cover, over all.


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